How to Propose Your Dissertation Topic?

How to Propose Your Dissertation Topic?

Congratulations on reaching the end of your degree program. It is completely understood that even the note of appreciation won’t fix your mood if you are stressed due to the strenuous Dissertation writing task. Though working on a dissertation is a difficult task, the same intensity of difficulty is the same when you choose or look for a dissertation topic. Therefore, when you choose a dissertation topic, you should have a clear vision in your mind that you will live and breathe in the topic until you reach the end of your Dissertation.

You can neither be careless about the dissertation topic nor the dissertation project, as both of them will affect your academic ranking. So you need to choose a topic for your Dissertation wisely. On the other hand, if you feel like that you will fail in choosing a business dissertation topic, or you might not be able to conclude even for your law dissertation topic; so no matter what topic is, the below information will help you with the most challenging scenarios of choosing topics for every field of your study’s major.

Select a topic as per your interest

Since the Dissertation is considered a lengthy project, it is better to select a topic of your interest. Instead of wandering here in there, select a topic that will make you bored quickly. Look for the topic that motivates you to study and be consistent with it. Once you start working on your Dissertation by randomly picking up a topic, you will find it differently drawn out in the mid-way. However, if you think that now you need to change the entire Dissertation by replacing the current topic with some other topic, it is the biggest mistake you will make. Starting the Dissertation all again from the beginning requires a lot of hard work and time.

You might miss your deadline if you start writing your Dissertation by selecting a new topic. Though if you select a topic that will enhance your thoughts and make them creative, it will benefit your Dissertation. With a creative mind, you can make all the work more efficient.

Read multiple Dissertation

Going through a single dissertation for an idea is not a more thoughtful way of dealing with this critical writing task. It is understood that reading 2 or more dissertations requires time, but it is worth the time. For instance, if you have chosen to major in marketing when you read the Dissertation written by other students of the same field, it will result in a hand full of digital marketing topics for project. You don’t need to take inspiration from the topic directly. Still, when you scroll down the complete Dissertation, you might find some great information from the content given, and you can use it according to your area of expertise. So, in short, taking inspiration from multiple dissertations will help you select the right topic for your Dissertation.

Come up with a different idea.

When you review multiple dissertations, you will know their primary approach and objectives for the entire project. Reading the same thing, again and again, is a bit boring for the researchers and supervisors, and they won’t be much excited to get through the complete Dissertation. So think about something unique or new. Writing a dissertation on a topic that has never been written before; it might get challenging for you to do so. With a brand new topic, you won’t find enough data on the internet, and it might become time occupying for you.

To avoid such circumstances, you have to work smartly. First, go through a different dissertation on the same topic and consolidate the data from multiple resources. As soon as you have enough data, you should make a unique approaching topic based on the data that you have gathered. Then, it is entirely on you to recreate the existing topic with a different approach and the elements of uniqueness shining brightly through it.

Don’t be too vague

Creating uniqueness in the topic does not mean that you create a vague topic of your Dissertation. On the contrary, your research topic should have some natural touch and feels so that when you start writing the Dissertation, it will become easy for you to join the dots of all the data you have gathered. Though it is understood that it makes you go for white goose chase to look for a unique topic, it does not mean that you give up on your research skills. On the contrary, the sooner you will give up on the creative mindset and thinking skills for your Dissertation, is a time where the risk of having a vague topic for your Dissertation.

However, understanding as a sensitive topic can add credibility to the Dissertation, so similarly, your credibility will be lowered by placing a vague topic for your Dissertation.

Concise your topic

To make your topic easily understood by everyone, you should not add too many words to your topic. You will get a time and section in your Dissertation where you will explain your topic’s details. You are not supposed to make your topic too much understandable, although your topic must be precise that doesn’t support the strategy that you add on a lot of verbs and different terms to it. To give your Dissertation a practical and attractive start, you should state a concise and clear topic.


With the ways mentioned above, you can write the best topic for your Dissertation. It is ok if you are not too creative with your work and cannot work more intelligently, as every human has his own area of expertise and work. So don’t compare your knowledge, skills, and expertise with others and try to improvise your own way of working. It is better to look at ways of improving yourself rather than being in a competition and ignoring your weaknesses.