Leo zodiac sign when operating through its higher self.

Are you a true LEO or still in the process of becoming one? In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, this is how this royal sign is described:

“The Lion, ruled by the sun, is sattva, four-footed, Kshatriya, living in the woods, front rising, large limbed, violet, eastern, vigorous during the day.”

What shastra has mentioned is about a Leo operating through his higher self. In simple words, a realized individual Leo zodiac sign is a highly conscious being. A Leo that is on a lower scale is usually a narcissist, someone who acts only for their self-interest. As reading ahead, you will be surprised to know the true inner nature of this royal zodiac. Let’s flesh out some of the descriptions in this shastra about Leo zodiac sign to understand what it implies. 

Are Leos Self-Centered or Self-Sacrificial?

Leo is a masculine sign, which means his happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction depends on what he is able to do. So there are a lot of initiatives and responsibilities in his life that he is happy to take on. The gender in signs is about how they operate. Masculine signs are initiatory, they want to act and exert themselves. 

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is the king of a solar system. It is a life-giver, hence Leos have the ability not just to secure their life but also others’. Although Leos have got the bad rap for being self-centered but in a true sense, they are self-sacrificing as they take responsibility for others as well. Their sacrificing nature is something in common with a Libra zodiac sign with a difference in their intention and attitude. The Leo sign is a sattvik sign and giving is a natural quality of theirs. This is the higher side of Leo. They are very service-oriented when they are good kings. 

Why are they Kshatriya & a Dharmic Sign?

In Vedic astrology, the caste is about temperament and not anything other than that. Leo is a Kshatriya or warrior caste. Because he is also a sattva sign, he has a desire to lead and protect on account of his noble ideals. He has nobility and this is why he is considered a royal sign. He is the one who has a vision for the people. 

Leo is the fifth house sign which is one of the Dharma houses. The goal of a Kshatriya sign is correlated with the goal of Dharma. Dharma includes righteousness, the path of truth, law, teachings, and ideals. Dharma is something that needs to be upheld. People can desecrate the teachings, wander off the righteous path, and fail to fulfill the natural law of order; but Leos or warriors, in general, are interested in upholding the order or Dharma. They fight for it. 

Why Are Leos So Intuitive?

Leo is a fire sign and element denotes the mentality of a sign. The fire element is about willpower, hence Leo is all about sticking to their purpose in life. They can be intuitively centered in any given situation. An intuitive sign doesn’t know from where his response is coming, it’s quick like fire but reliable. A Leo is the channel of the sun and in the Vedic system, the sun is the divine, the steadfast flame that never burns out and gives everyone light. Sun being Leo’s ruling planet makes him be naturally in connection with the divine source so he can directly intuit it. 

What does Leo’s Fixed Nature mean?

Leo is associated with the season summer which is when it is the hottest, indicating fire or heat. Leo is a fixed sign that maintains the necessary heat or vigour to accomplish what they want. They can create security and are slow to change. The fixed nature of a sign implies how a sign applies himself in life. Fixed signs actually have the ability to see through possibilities as they usually have a vision and the capacity to manifest what they want. 

Leo is not just a visionary, he is a visionary who can make it visible to everybody else. They know how to make it happen and that’s because they can stay with a desire long enough to manifest it. Leo is not flighty or subject to whims or just like the movement of the weather around a person. There is something they are committed to inside themselves. That’s the real fixed quality of Leo zodiac sign.

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