Prevalence of Family Violence in COVID-19 Times

Today, the world stands in a distinct position that it would have been if COVID-19 did not affect us way back in 2020. We would have never realised how life could be if we had to face something like this out of nowhere. Coronavirus leads up change in every conventional way in a distinct aspect of our lives, whether it be business, studies, job, retail businesses, transportation, and whatnot. One of the most unexpected impacts of the COVID-19 was the increased requirement of Best Divorce Lawyers Melbourne around.

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What Is Family Violence?

It is one of the rarely discussed topics. On the contrary, it happens around us on a regular basis without us even knowing about it. It could be in a variety of forms that we usually do not consider even violence. The horizons of family violence have now been expanded to emotional abuses and threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour apart from physical and sexual abuse. Today, the Family Lawyers Melbourne Cbd is helping many of the victims to gain the benefits they are entitled to in such cases.

What Are The Types of Family Violence?

There is a discrete classification of various types of family violence. Read further to get acknowledgement of it.

Physical Abuse

  • Shoving, pushing, punching, hitting, slapping, strangulation, burning or biting
  • Choking, smothering or pinning down
  • Using weapons or objects
  • Harm or threaten to harm other family members, even pets
  • Locking in or out of the house or rooms
  • Forcing the victim to take drugs
  • denying medication or medical care
  • Not allowing sleep

Sexual Abuse

  • Threatening partner into unwanted sexual activities
  • Assaulting genitals (hurting your private parts)
  • Unwilling exposure of sexual images or content to their partner
  • Criticising or using sexually degrading insults
  • Sharing sexual images or content of their partner without consent
  • Forcing undesirable sexual contact with the partner
  • Raping their partner
  • Forcing their partner to become pregnant
  • Sabotaging their partner’s contraception.
  • Forced Sex Without Use Of Protection

Emotional And Psychological Abuse

  • Yelling and name-calling
  • Humiliate in public or private destroying 
  • property or valued possessions
  • Threats regarding custody of any children
  • Threatening to ‘out’ the person
  • Force stopping partners from spending time with their children, friends or other family members
  • Intimidate or threaten partner using words
  • Gaslighting
  • Creating fear by means like driving dangerously, possessing weapons, angry looks
  • Encouraging their children to insult or disobey the other parent or partner.
  • Turning their children against the other parent or partner
  • Using their children seek information about the other parent.

Financial Abuse

  • providing considerably less allowance
  • not letting their partner work from the office
  • forbidding access to bank accounts
  • forcing the victim to sign documents
  • Make false declarations
  • controlling the victim’s pension
  • denying the entitlement to joint property
  • using all victim’s wages for household expenses

Apart from it, there are cultural, spiritual and/or religious abuse, imaged-based abuse, harassment and stalking, social abuse, verbal abuse. One thing that all the person suffering from these must not keep silence. There are laws entitling the benefits and Family Lawyers Melbourne Cbd to help you with it. 

Source:  Prevalence of Family Violence in COVID-19 Times