How To Remove Cigarette Odour From Rental Property

Landlords are familiar with the smell of cigarette smoke and how it remains after trying to extinguish it. As weeds have become legal, smoking weeds also poses problems. Best for completely removing the smell of smoke from an apartment, whether you allow the tenant to smoke, ban smoking and the tenant does it anyway, or buy and repair someone’s property You need to know how to do it. The end of lease cleaning Melbourne could be a real saviour at times like this. 

Apart from getting the professional exit cleaning Melbourne around here is how you can get rid of the cigarette smell from your rental space.

  • Coffee

Coffee beans contain a strong odour that can absorb the odour of tobacco. After brewing coffee, use ground coffee or put the coffee powder in a bowl and place it in the corner. To be more effective, leave the bowl open for 1012 hours. Replace it and repeat the process as needed.

  • Ventilate Your Home

Open all doors and windows in the house and turn on the fans to ventilate. You can also strategically place fans throughout the house to increase effectiveness, such as directing the fans to the corners of poorly ventilated rooms. If you already have or have an air purifier available, use it in the best settings to purify the air. Make sure you have a carbon filter that helps absorb and deodorize the odour.

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  • Scrub The Walls And Ceilings

This step requires a small amount of elbow grease. Removing the smell of smoke from the air and furniture may not be enough, especially if you are smoking in a room. You may need to clean your walls and ceiling deeply. A harsh cleanser containing glycol or ammonia is best suited for this task. However, keep in mind that these ingredients are harsh chemicals. Therefore, keep the room well ventilated and keep small children and pets at a safe distance. It is advisable to start with a small area that is easy to hide so that the paint can withstand the detergent.

  • Clean Hard Floors

You can use the same mixture of water and vinegar that you used for the walls of the laminated floor. However, avoid using vinegar on your tiles as it can attack grout. Use an ammonia drop mixture instead. On a wooden floor, mix pH-neutral soap with warm water and wipe the entire surface.

  • Deodorise Your Furniture And Linen

Collect everything made of washable cloth or linen, such as clothes, duvets, curtains, sofa covers, towels and pillows. Even if you don’t smell the smoke, let’s have it washed. As I said earlier, even if there was a room that wasn’t smoking, it would still contain tobacco particles and odours. Dry cleaning is an option to remove odours from household items. You can also steam clean upholstery with a special deodorizing shampoo. Otherwise, use a suitable detergent to clean them and remove the odour. 

If you are still struggling to get rid of the smell, you can opt to hire the exit cleaning Melbourne professionals for assured results.

Source:Ways To Remove Cigarette Odour From Rental Property