How to write newspaper articles in English

If you want to write a newspaper article in English, you can use the principle of the inverted pyramid as a guide. Here, too, it is important to answer the W-questions:

  • Who was involved?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it take place?
  • What event took place?

Just like in German, your newspaper article should be written in past tense and contain third-person pronouns.

In English, each paragraph begins with a so-called “topic sentence”. This sentence describes the subject of the following paragraph. Your topic sentence should be clear and intrigue the reader and Buy Term Paper.

Revise the newspaper article

Review your newspaper article once you’ve completed it. You can read your text aloud, for example to make changes to the sentence structure.

You should correct if:

  • starting too many sentences with the same words
  • there is too much unnecessary repetition in the text
  • the individual passages in the text make no sense
  • the text cannot be read fluently

Journalists use the so-called four-eyes principle as a control authority for revising the text. An author’s text is therefore proofread by a second person.

Have friends or relatives read your article so you can get criticism and feedback. This also makes it clear whether you have worked out the topic clearly and understandably.

Topics for a newspaper article

You have to write a newspaper article for school and don’t have a topic yet? It is best to use timeless topics that interest you. The following overview offers you a small selection of possible topics:

  • climate protection
  • digitalization
  • school-system
  • computer games
  • Sports
  • religion
  • human rights
  • Social media

Types of informative newspaper articles

There are different types of presentation forms in a newspaper, which can differ in their content and temporal complexity. We have put together the six most important informative types of newspaper articles for you.


The news is one of the most important forms of presentation that reports from the objective perspective. It is condensed and usually fills a newspaper column.

The message is characterized by a hierarchical structure: the most important thing comes first. The author takes up all other information in descending order of importance.

The shopping behavior of many people in Germany has changed as a result of the corona pandemic. According to the Max Mustermann brand study, Germans buy less often, but in larger quantities. Since the pandemic, more organic food and more fair trade have also been bought.

Berlin – Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, many Germans have changed their consumer behavior significantly. This is the result of the Max Mustermann brand study 2021 by the research institute Forscholana. 65 percent of those surveyed from North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse stated that they shop differently than before the pandemic. Accordingly, the Germans buy less, but in larger quantities. And they also do the shopping faster […]

short message

The short message is limited to the presentation of brief information. In a newspaper, the author usually formulates the short message within ten to 20 lines of text. This includes, for example, police reports and official communications.

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, unknown persons stole a mobile home in Neuenhöfer Allee. The green Fiat Livingstone with a Cologne license plate was parked at the side of the road at the level of the 30th house number. The Cologne criminal police are now looking for witnesses who could provide information about the theft and the whereabouts of the green mobile home.


The portrait in the newspaper deals with public figures. It describes external characteristics, but does not judge.

The purpose of this form of representation is to bring the reader closer to a certain personality. A portrait is usually based on a lengthy conversation that preceded it with the person to be portrayed.

The Swedish artist Astrid Johansson has made an international name for herself in a very short time. She was fascinated by the fashion world from an early age. In 1986, at the age of 22, the artist moved to Paris and was inspired by various fashion designers. Ten years later, Johansson founded her own fashion label together with her then husband and expanded to Italy from 2005 […] 


The report also informs the readers about events in an impartial manner. It is usually longer than a message because it contains additional information. This information can be, for example, assessments and statements and go beyond the core of the message and Premium Essay Writing Samples.


The classic reportage is longer than a newspaper report. It describes the personal experiences or events witnessed by the person reporting.

Not only pure information is passed on to the reader, but also feelings and impressions. Nevertheless, the author usually does not write the report in the first person, since he takes on the role of an observer.


The feature is a hybrid of a reportage and a report. While the report focuses on an event, the feature looks more at the background.

The feature has a very vivid effect on the reader due to the dramaturgical presentation. The author explains facts mostly with concrete examples. This type of text thus contains scenic and reporting elements.