Why Is Cinema Beneficial For Health?

Watching movies stirs creativity

It is a reaction that occurs, above all, when watching science fiction movies, such as The Matrix, since its utopian situations encourage us to break our mental schemes, opposing the paradigms that we had established. It is a process that stirs the creative part of the brain, causing new ideas to flow.

Movies motivate to overcome

If the protagonist of the film or the characters face their fears and face their problems, overcoming them, we tend to identify with them, as in the film The Pursuit of Happiness. This makes us reflect on aspects of our lives and, in the same way, motivates us to face our doubts, problems and fears.

Search and find solutions to problems thanks to cinema

When the characters in a film make plans to solve their problems, you can learn and generate ideas to solve your own problems, as in this house is a ruin. There are people who recognize that a movie helped them solve a problem, or even discover a great business idea.

Cinema has a psychotherapeutic and healing function

Aristotle said that catharsis is the “faculty of tragedy to relieve the viewer of their own low passions, seeing them projected on the characters in the work.” The cathartic function is easily recognizable in the cinemas near me, when the story reminds us of a moment in our lives. When we watch a movie , we often feel the same passions as the characters, but without fear of suffering their effects , as can happen, for example, with You soy Sam .

Many movies allow you to face your own fears

It is common for some movies to make us face our greatest fears, exposing us to our sensations and allowing us to be more aware of them. In this way we work ourselves to extinguish our fears. It is something common in horror movies like The Others, for example. Although it may seem surprising, this type of film reduces stress and helps to face old fears through catharsis but without the need to relive what happened.

Cinema improves social relations

Going to see a movie, whether at the cinema or at home with friends or family, is always a good time to share ideas, opinions about what we see and, of course, tears or laughter. All of this encourages socialization, as in the Hangover movie.