Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best sauna for you.

If you’ve been looking for a personal home sauna, you’ve certainly noticed that there are a lot of choices; it might be intimidating. Finding the ideal sanctuary to relieve your stress shouldn’t be a source of more anxiety! With that in mind, we’ve put up the comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to help you go through your options and pick the finest saunas London for you.

  • Type of Sauna

When deciding on the sort of sauna you want, think about how much heat you want and what kind of experience you desire. Traditional saunas heat the air and space within the sauna with electric or wood-burning heaters. They may reach temperatures of 190-195 degrees F in just an hour, which is far higher than infrared saunas. Traditional saunas are known for a number of science-backed health advantages, including cardiovascular and blood pressure improvements, relief of tense or tight muscles, relaxation, stress reduction, and improved mood, due to this “heat stress.”

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Instead of heating the sauna room, infrared saunas employ penetrating infrared light to heat the body directly. In just 10 minutes, they may raise the user’s body temperature to 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit, causing sweating, improving circulation, reducing tension and exhaustion, and more.

  • Type of Heater

Both the electric and wood-burning heaters will quickly heat your sauna to 190 degrees F, and both are safe to use with rocks and water to create steam. However, the best one for you will depend on where you want to install your sauna, how big it is, and your personal tastes. When should you buy an electric heater?

Both indoor and outdoor saunas can benefit from electric warmers. Electric heaters are the most convenient option if convenience is a top consideration. An electric heater heats your sauna fast and easily with the flip of a button. Electric heaters, depending on their size, require 220 volts and 30-40 amps of power.

To connect it, you’ll need a professional electrician. The heater will have to be hard-wired to an electrical supply. When should you buy a wood-burning heater? Wood-burning heaters should only be used in outdoor saunas.

Wood-burning heaters are also suggested for bigger saunas in London (84″ or more), as they are more effective than electric heaters at heating larger rooms. If you want to have a classic sauna experience, a wood-burning heater is the way to go. There’s nothing like hearing the wood crackle or seeing the fire move while you relax and let your tension melt away.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor sauna, as well as the size and design of the sauna, is entirely dependent on your space, the purpose for which it will be used, and your particular tastes.

Soruce: Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best sauna for you.