Book Wedding Pandits in Bangalore

Indian weddings have long been expensive celebrations fit for royalty. No matter what culture or religion an Indian person practices, marriage rites always maintain their grandeur. An Indian wedding has many different elements, including guests, delectable food, music, dancing, lights, festivities, ceremonies, and customs. However, without a wedding pandit, particularly for Hindu weddings, everything is lacking.

Where can I get reputable pandits in Bangalore for pre-wedding and wedding rituals?

Of course, you might use the more conventional approach of contacting nearby temples to locate pandits for your wedding events. You may also think about talking to others who are close to you, including your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

However, WedMeGood is the best resource for finding pandits for weddings. People looking for priests to officiate at their weddings have easy access to them because of the internet. Online searches for wedding pandits make it simple to uncover a variety of possibilities and choose the one that best meets your needs. 

North Indian Pandit in Bangalore that may be found online have expertise in officiating Hindu marriages for all castes. Of course, if you need a pandit who can perform interfaith weddings, you must look more carefully. To make it simpler for individuals like you to discover them, several of those pandits have made themselves available online. But keep in mind that you should physically see the pandit before selecting him or her for your Bangalore wedding ceremonies.

What aspects of the wedding do you need a pandit for?

You may hire pandits for weddings to perform the various rites and rituals that are a part of Hindu weddings. Some of them include the following:

  • Swagat: The marriage officially begins with this specific procedure.
  • Kanya Agaman: The bride’s welcome ceremony is taking place. The pandit leads the bride and her father as they make their way to the altar for the wedding.
  • The bride greets the husband by presenting a floral garland known as the “Jay Mala.”
  • During this rite, the priest begins actively taking part in the wedding. The pandit chants Sanskrit mantras or sings sacred melodies. You may ask the pandit to clarify everything in your language since most people aren’t fluent in that old tongue.
  • This crucial phase of a Hindu wedding involves the bride placing a garland around the groom’s neck as the pandit keeps reciting mantras.
  • Another custom involves the groom ingesting a concoction of ghee, curd, and honey. This is known as the Madhupak se satkar.
  • Aachman: By drinking water, this purifying procedure is carried out.
  • The priest sets the fire in the havan kund to officially begin the yagna. The groom is required to wear a holy thread just before the Yagna. In Hindu weddings, the “phera” is always present. In order to obtain the gods’ blessings, the priest chants mantras while the bride and groom circle the fire in the havan kund seven times.
  • The subsequent procedure is known as “kanyadaan” after the “phera” ritual. It is the moment when the parents stand up to “deliver” their daughter to the bridegroom and his family. In this specific rite, the priest is very important.
  • The priest recites these vows, which the bride and groom then repeat while clasping hands. The bride and groom make pledges to one another in these vows.
  • In this ceremony, a rock or stone is set up facing the location of the wedding in the northeast. The groom must recite a song as the priest narrates it, while the bride must put her right foot on the rock.

Do pandits make trips to different cities to carry out wedding rituals?

Yes, priests may travel to distant cities to carry out their obligations while performing wedding ceremonies. Although there are good pandits in practically every city, you may talk to a particular pandit about accompanying you for certain ceremonies. It is up to the pandit personally. He is allowed to refuse to commute to a different state. But the pandit is more likely to agree if he needs to go to another city in the same state. Book A Pandit Online with

If the pandit agrees to accompany you, you will need to make lodging and meal arrangements for him and provide any assistance he may have. Before you hire Pandit Ji for your wedding, you should remember to ask if they are willing to travel.

When should someone make a reservation for a wedding pandit?

The ideal course of action would be to employ Pandit Ji for the wedding many months beforehand. People all around India begin engaging priests for weddings as soon as the wedding season begins. The job of selecting priests, locations, caterers, and flowers cannot be postponed. To make sure you get the pandit you want, you should make a reservation at least three to four months in advance. This is especially important if your wedding is during the busy wedding season.