Selecting the Live Entertainment for Your Event

Live entertainment can make a party wild compared to what you’d expect otherwise!  From fun bands that will leave the audience cheering to awesome magicians that will stun and mystify: these are the top forms of live entertainment to consider for your next event, and why they could change everything!  

Musical Artists

Musical performers are some of the most classic and beloved performers for any event, so they’re a clear go-to!  When hiring these, make sure you check things like how large the venue is, if it has speakers, how much they cost, and how far ahead you need to book them.  Musical acts get snatched up fast, so it’s vital that you plan ahead as much as possible to make the party rock! 

Celebrity Impersonators

When’s the last time you saw Beyonce at a local party?  Wouldn’t you be shocked if you did?  Celebrity impersonators are professionals at making people’s hearts skip a beat at first sight before realizing with humor that they’re looking at a professional fake.

These amazing improv and parody performers know how to put on a person’s entire personality while also giving guests the chance to interact with a big star.

If hiring a celebrity impersonator for your event, make sure that they’ve worked events before as this person and that they’re good-natured about the character.  If they’re going to get mad when someone mentions a real celebrity, it’s not going to be a good look.  


If you want a headliner like Adam Wylie, it’s a good idea to consider magicians for your event!  Magicians mix nostalgia with magic and guide guests into the Twilight Zone.  These performers are able to bend reality through sleight of hand and misdirection and pleasantly surprise guests into believing that magic is real.  Magicians are incredible performers that everyone should consider hiring for an event soon! 


We all love a good laugh: and comedians bring them in spades.  A good comedian will bring a crowd together through laughter, allowing them to socially bond while chortling at jokes and lines that would make anyone giggle.  

Make sure when you hire a comedian that you understand the type of humor they do and the type of humor your guests would find amusing.  Everyone has a different sense of what’s funny, and failing to live up to that could ruin your chance at a good party.


Dancers are a great way to get your party into motion without having to try hard.  By hiring people to dance and get on the floor earlier, you’ll find your guests automatically going out as well to join in and have fun.  Nobody wants to be the first person on the dance floor, so having people who do that as their job ensures that everyone has a great time.  

Every Party Could Use Some Fun Entertainment!

Parties need the entertainment to stay fun and interesting for everyone involved!  Make sure to take your time picking who you hire and stun all of your guests with the event of a lifetime.