Save MP3 Score: Clean your music collection with the best MP3 music editor

Save MP3 Score: Clean your music collection with the best MP3 music editor

If you’re a music lover like me, you probably have a music library on your computer that seems to be out of control. In a perfect world, I think everyone would get their music from a purchased CD and everything would be neat, clean, and organized. But I believe, like mine, your music collection is just the opposite.

Electronics repair stores fortunately for people like us, there is a new piece of software called tune-up that can repair MP3 signals automatically. If your music collection is an insurmountable problem, this is an automatic miracle! This is their motto. We all have tracks from labels, 01 tracks and unknown artists in our music database. Not to mention the beautiful covers and music missing from our iTunes.

Several other features come with the optimization software included with mp3 tag editing,

Including concert announcements that can be sorted by favorite artist, which is just a random artist in the collection. And links to YouTube to MP3 videos about current music, artist biographies, merchandising, and more.

This mp3 recording software has been featured on websites and newspapers like Misword, Wall Street Journal, Wired, New York Times and even MTV! So you can see it as a legitimate big company.

For the price,

 They have a free feature called tune light that cleans and stores 100 mp3 song tags and 50 album covers. And then they have a subscription plan that costs $20 per year and includes unlimited songs and covers. And of course, the best option is a lifetime membership for only $30 and that’s the gold plan. I think it’s safe to assume that you’ll be listening to music for at least the next few years. It also makes sense to purchase a lifetime subscription to ensure all new music is programmed properly.

Another interesting thing is something called Tunis.

 It’s a great way to enhance your listening experience by offering on-demand music videos, artist biographies, products, and the genre itself. Another great feature is the concert instruments. You can customize notifications for upcoming concerts by artist or genre. You can also buy tickets directly from iTunes with just one click.

Media Tuning is relatively new and new features are still being worked on to improve the music listening experience.