Pollution Clearance From Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

MPCB is the sole regulatory body for pollution control in Maharashtra. It is responsible for managing air quality, water quality, noise and vibrations etc. This page will help you to get your Pollution Clearance From Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

You can apply for your pollution clearance From Maharashtra Pollution Control Board on the official website of MPCB. The application form is available on their official website. You need to fill this form with all necessary details.

Once you have filled the application form correctly then click submit button and wait for few minutes until it gets processed by the system. Once your application is processed by MPCB then you will receive an acknowledgement message through mail or SMS that contains your issued certificate number along with other details about your application status on their website.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is an independent statutory body under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. It has been established as per The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to protect the environment from pollution. The MPCB has a responsibility to prevent and control air, water, noise and other forms of pollution creating a nuisance or hazard to life and health.

Objective Of  Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

The objective of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is to protect the environment and ensure that the state’s air and water are free from contamination. The board’s role is to ensure that all industries, including small-scale units, follow prescribed standards to reduce pollution.

The board has four objective wings:

  • Air pollution wing – monitors air quality conditions in towns and cities.
  • Water pollution wing – monitors water quality in lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Solid waste management wing – monitors solid waste disposal practices in towns and cities.
  • Environmental education wing – conducts workshops on environmental awareness and educates people about environmental issues.

NOC Clearance From  Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

NOC clearance from  Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is a mandatory requirement for all type of construction or manufacturing activities in Maharashtra. The NOC clearance from MPCB is required for various types of construction activities such as residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

The NOC certificate from MPCB helps in obtaining approval for environmental impact assessment reports (EIA). This EIA report helps in ensuring that your project will not cause any damage to the environment or human life.

Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) are the two documents required for a company to start any business activity in India. These are also referred to as environmental clearance, environmental compliance approval and environmental clearance respectively.

Consent to Establish (CTE)

Consent to Establish (CTE) is issued by the Pollution Control Board (PCB) after assessing the project proposal on its environment impact. It is required by all cities and towns across Maharashtra, except Pune city. A CTE certificate must be obtained before starting any construction activity in any residential area or commercial area in any part of Maharashtra.


If you want to apply for CTE certificate, you need to submit a detailed report on your project proposal along with relevant documents such as

  1. Site plan, 
  2. Copy of valid CTO under Water Act, 1974/ Air Act, 1981 and Authorization under Hazardous Waste Management Rules (if applicable) for the existing project. 
  3. Latest inspection report and analysis reports of effluent/ air emissions/ noise (as applicable), conducted by Board officers for the mandatory inspection, if conducted.
  4. Copy of fresh analysis reports of effluent/air emissions/ noise, analyzed from Board’s lab/recognized lab.
  5. Declaration regarding compliance of prescribed standards for discharge of environmental pollutants in the exis

Required Document

  • Applications for consent to operate in prescribed format
  • Fees for consent to operate
  • Authority letter in favor of applicant/ Board Resolution/Power of atomy
  • Affidavitvundertaking on non judicial stamp paper of Rs 10 in preseribed format duly signed and notarized.
  • C.A. certified capital investment in the project
  • Point wise evidence based compliance report of previous CTE/CTO/CGWA. including production figure,monitoring report from Gazettee notified laboratories
  • Analysis /monitoring report complete details
  • Copy of environment clearance
  • Point wise evidence based compliance report of Environmental Clearance
  • Approved Mining Draft Plan
  • Environment Statement