Top 5 Plastic Surgery Myths – Debunked!

Plastic surgery… I am sure you have heard about this.

This is a common practice nowadays and people may need them for several reasons. Sometimes, it can be a reconstructive procedure to restore your normal beauty. However, some people can even get it to change their existing appearance. No matter for what reason you want it, this is an often misunderstood and least talked about area. 

I came across this when I was accompanying one of my colleagues on her visit to a renowned plastic surgeon in Lahore. She had gone through surgical removal of one of her breasts during her cancer treatment and was exploring ways to get breast implants. I was also feeling weird because I myself have no understanding of plastic surgery. 

The reason is that there are hundreds of different myths about plastic surgery that people are not aware of. So, I decided to clear all of these myths about the plastic surgery procedure. I am sure you must be curious about these.

Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is often misunderstood to a greater extent. Let’s talk about some of the most believed aspects of plastic surgery and explore the truth behind these.  

Myth 1: Plastic surgery is all about facial beauty

Whenever we think about plastic surgery, botox and fillers are the very first things that cross our minds.

Well, many people believe that going for plastic surgery always means the enhancement of facial features and fulfilling beauty needs. However, this is not the case. However, this is not true. People can get plastic surgeries for all different reasons and there are many variations of these procedures.

Just as I talked about breast implants there are other reasons too for which people get the surgeries done. Plastic surgeries help to reconstruct the skin you may lose in case of any burn accident. There are even surgeries to repair birth defects and make you feel normal about yourself. So, this is not a beauty procedure alone and has other applications as well.

Myth 2: There is no difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery

Well, just like you I have also thought that both of these procedures are exactly the same and there is no difference between them. However, cosmetic surgeons are not the same as plastic surgeons. Yes, you heard right. You may think that because both of them deal with the same thing and in the same manner. But there is a borderline between both of them.

Plastic surgeons are trained and generally cover a wider area and are able to perform all types of plastic surgeries including both constructive and beauty enhancement procedures. However, in the case of cosmetic surgery, a surgeon is only able to perform aesthetic procedures. 

Myth 3: The results of plastic surgeries are permanent with no marks/scars

Well, this is next on the list of the most commonly believed misconceptions about plastic surgeries. Many people think that these surgeries give you permanent results with no mark or scar behind them. However, this is not the case. Though plastic surgeons are really good at concealing these scars and marks, nothing can make these scars go away permanently. 

Further, the extent of marks left behind also varies on the area where the procedure is being done. Also, your aftercare after the procedure also impacts its outcomes.

Other than this, plastic surgery outcomes can vary from person to person and are less likely to last forever. Yes, you heard me right. You may not get your desired results the first time and may need other sessions in the later years as well. So, yes there is the truth behind the claims that these procedures are permanent and will last forever. 

Myth 4: Plastic surgeries are only for women

Well, this is another common myth people believe about plastic surgery procedures. Yes, these procedures are not gender-oriented and anyone can go for them without thinking about their gender. Especially the procedures that are for congenital problems and other conditions fall in this category. Women may have an additional preference for the aesthetic procedure but this doesn’t mean that men are exceptions to these.

Myth 5: The procedures are really very expensive

Well, the cost of these procedures is relatively high but it doesn’t make them an exception for a particular class. The procedures that fall in the aesthetic procedures category are generally more expensive than the ones meant for reconstruction. 

Bottom Line

Plastic surgery is a recent trend and is ruling the world of medicine and beauty. There are many reasons for which people get it. The reasons generally vary from person to person and need to be done by professionals. If you are planning for a plastic surgery procedure then make sure to talk to your doctor and tell them about your existing health problems to make a wise decision.