Does Your Company Need a Creative Brand Refresh?

So you own a brand, and you have been noticing that your sales are drying out? Are you not attracting as much traffic as you used to? Or do you think your logo does not define your brand anymore? Whatever the problems are, a brand refresh or revamp can bring your business back to life before it is too late. One thing you should know about owning a brand is that its lifecycle is ever-evolving. You can’t just decide on a certain point and expect your brand to grow. You will need to integrate new improvements, whether it is technology-related or industry-related to your business.

When you change or adapt to new marketing trends, you will be able to meet customer expectations. One of the best things about rebranding or creative brand refreshing is that there is no set of rules or timeline for when you should do it. Whenever you feel the time is right, you do something as small as changing the shade of your logo to something as major as revamping your entire website.

What is a creative brand refresh?

In simple words, a creative brand refresh is giving your brand a makeover to update recognized visual elements. It is a strategic process where you give your brand an intentional new look to meet the customer’s requirements. Giving your brand a refresh is a great way to modernize, revitalize, and update the look and brand aesthetic.

It is a comprehensive part of boosting your business and keeping people interested in your business for a long time. You can stay ahead of the curve by refreshing your brand every once in a while, even though it is not anything major.

Difference between Refresh and Rebrand

Even though many business owners alternatively use the terms refresh and rebrand, these two have different meanings. When you plan to rebrand your brand, you are looking at a long-wounding process of repositioning your business. However, when you are refreshing your brand, you only make small changes to the brand that helps it fit better with current trends. Oftentimes, rebranding can be done to change the brand’s voice completely, but refreshing does not do that. A rebranding is not a quick change, it is a long process with planning, and it is strategic.

When Should You Consider a Refresh?

As a business owner, you might have had people, often your staff, come up to you and say that your brand might require some refresh or rebranding. If you are wondering when you should consider a creative brand refresh, here are a few parameters you should consider:

  1. Outdated designs: The thing about designs and trends is that it is ever-changing; you cannot hold onto one design forever. If you have not looked at your brand’s stylistic elements in half a decade or more, you should consider refreshing your brand. You can either make some small changes to the look of your brand, which will give it a new look.
  2. Newer competitors: Once you were the new, modern face in the industry, and now you are not, so what do you do? While people might trust brands with years of experience, your newer competitors can still outpace you in branding. So, if you want to stay ahead of the game, refreshing your branding every once in a while, can save you a lot of headaches later.
  3. Customer expectations: Your customer expectations keep changing or shifting, so if you want to appease them, you need to refresh your brand. If you want to perceive your business’ growth or how it will look in the next couple of years, you need to be in tune with your customers. Keeping things fresh is a smart way to align with your business goals while keeping your customers interested in your business.
  4. Learn from your business: Since you can change a lot in five years as an individual, your business can change too. Whatever you learn from your business every month, make a note of it and apply it to your business. It will help you stay on trend easier, and brand refreshing is just a breeze.

Benefits Of A Brand Refresh

If you are wondering what are the benefits of a brand refresh, here are some positive changes you can expect:

  • Brand refresh sets your company on the path to future success.
  • Allows you to stay ahead of the game and outpace your competitors
  • A creative refresh allows you to establish yourself as a leader in your current industry
  • A creative brand refresh ushers in a new era of expanded profits, more growth, or a better long-term vision for your company
  • Keep your business attractive and exciting for your customers in the long run


If you have not thought about a creative brand refresh, it is high time you should consider getting one. A brand refresh will help you save a lot of money you might otherwise be spending on marketing with no result in sight.