Top 5 Fondant Cakes Online

There are many ways to find the perfect fondant cake for your special occasion. The Internet is a great resource for finding a variety of designs. Here are some of the top choices available for your next cake. Designer cakes are one-of-a-kind creations and make great gifts. These cakes can be themed around a variety of topics. Some popular themes include superheroes and supervillains, cartoons, fairies, kings and queens, sports, monuments, and more. Fondant is a great substance for cakes. It is smooth and provides a blank canvas for decorations. It is also more durable than buttercream icing and can be colored and sculpted to create three-dimensional decorations. Moreover, it also comes in different types and colors and can be used to cover almost any type of cake. So, what are you waiting for? Make cake order in Gurgaon online or Send cakes to Gurgaon right away.

Confectionery Fondant – Cakes

A confectionery fondant cake is a cake covered in fondant and flavored with a liquid. It is firm but chewy and can be tinted any color you want. Confectionery fondant is an excellent choice for cakes for a baby’s first birthday, and it’s also healthier than commercially prepared fondant. The basic ingredients of confectionery fondant are sugar, water, vegetable fat, and gelatin. The first two are used to make the cake’s base and mixed to create the fondant.

Gelatine is a translucent substance that is derived from animal parts. When mixed with sugar, gelatin forms a gum that makes the fondant pliable and sticky. Another common ingredient in confectionery fondant is vanilla bean paste. Vanilla bean paste has a subtle, creamy flavor that goes well with many foods, including cakes. Add a teaspoon of this paste to your fondant batter. You can also use flavored powdered sugar to give your fondant a subtle flavor.

Rolled Fondant

Fondant is the icing that coats a cake. It is usually rolled into thin sheets and draped over the surface of the cake. Its flexibility makes it ideal for decorating and is not prone to hardening when exposed to high temperatures. It can also be sculpted to create three-dimensional decorations. Cake artists often use molds to create various shapes and textures. They can also roll fondant into flowers, leaves, and other shapes.

The fondant should be at room temperature before rolling. When working with fondant, wear food-safe gloves and wrap the fondant in plastic before starting the process. It is important to keep the fondant moving while rolling it out to avoid sticking. You should also avoid rubbing your hands with the fondant, which can make it stick to your hands. If rolled fondant is too dry, add a little glycerine. You can also add shortening to the fondant to give it a smoother texture.

Poured Fondant – Cakes

Poured fondant cake is a simple dessert you can create with a few basic ingredients. Firstly, you’ll need 500 g of sugar, 140 ml of water, and 350 ml of corn syrup. To make the fondant, mix these ingredients until they become a smooth paste. Once it reaches this stage, you can add food coloring to it.

Once the fondant has cooled, it’s time to prepare the cake for dipping. Before you pour the fondant on, make sure the cake is crumb coated and as level as possible. This way, the shape of the cake will stay the same. Also, it’s important to chill the cake; otherwise, it’ll end up smooshed.

Sponge Fondant

To make a SpongeBob fondant cake, you need to prepare the cake base. For Spongebob, it’s best to roll out the cake in two colors, one for the cheeks and the other for the bottom half of the cake. Once you’ve completed the cake base, lay out the yellow fondant. It should be approximately an eighth-inch thick. Carefully lay it over the cake’s top three-quarters. It would help if you gently pressed the fondant to the sponge cake.

Then, you’ll need to make marshmallows. These can be made from various sweets. Before adding the marshmallows, ensure the oven is set to a 180C or 160C fan. Next, prepare the batter by sifting the remaining flour into it. This will help eliminate lumps and incorporate more air into the batter. Then, use an electric mixer to mix the batter thoroughly. Remember not to overmix the batter, as this can result in a tough cake. Finally, divide the batter evenly into the cake tins.

Fondant Fingers – Cakes

Regarding fondant fingers, several techniques can make the fondant look real. Adding a touch of cocoa powder is one way to create a realistic-looking finger. Alternatively, you can use a paintbrush dipped in vodka to smooth the fondant down. Once you’ve finished smoothing the fondant, you can cut it off the cake using a knife, but be sure to keep the knife flat against the cake board.

Firstly, the fondant needs to be lightly coated with a thin layer of shortening. Using flour or powdered sugar is not a good idea, as these will make the fondant too stiff. Also, make sure to use pure white shortening and not butter-flavored or cooking spray, which can have a yellow tint. So, avail our amazing and quick cake delivery services right away.