Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Sleep Apnea

When a person repeatedly stops breathing and then starts breathing again, it is known as sleep apnea, which could be a serious sleep disorder. If you snore loudly and feel exhausted even after a full night of sleep, you may have sleep apnea. Let’s go through sleep apnea treatment in detail, along with its causes and signs.

causes of snoring
Your airway narrows or closes as a result of relaxing airway muscles brought on by inhaling air. The amount of oxygen in your blood may start to decline because you are unable to breathe in enough air. When you can’t breathe, your brain briefly wakes you up so you can clear your airway and start breathing normally again.

Consequences of sleep apnea
The following is a summary of the symptoms and indicators that are frequently linked to both central and disruptive sleep apneas:

Snoring that can be heard

Someone needs to be alerted since you occasionally stop breathing while you sleep.