What to do When Routerlogin.net is not Working?

Routerlogin.net is the domain which Netgear users utilize to access the web-based GUI to get into Netgear router settings. In other words, this domain helps to log in to the Netgear router. We are presenting this article to help you troubleshoot if you have trouble accessing this domain. So, if you are also facing routerlogin.net not working issue, then you are on the right page. So, simply keep reading further to know how you can resolve the issue on your own.

Troubleshooting Routerlogin.net not working Issue

Here are a few simple hacks that you can try to rectify the Netgear router login problem. We are providing you with a couple of quick fixes that you can easily follow on your own even if you are not tech savvy person.

Use the Correct Web address

Make sure that you are spelling the domain correctly. It has always remained the most common reason for the domain not working issue. So, enter the right domain name which is www.routerlogin.net in the address bar of the web browser. Ensure that you have Caps Lock off while entering the domain name.

Clear Browse Cache

Web browsers keep collecting some data when you are accessing the internet. This data is saved on the browser and is used to speedily load the page the next time you visit the same website. Though this data or cache is meant to help you, however, at times this cache may not let you access a few websites. One of the reasons is that the website is recently updated. So, the cache may be causing you trouble accessing the routerlogin.net page. Consider clearing the web browser cache by simply going to the settings. Try logging into the Netgear router post this step.

Use a Different Device or Browser

You can always try accessing the Netgear router page using another device. Try to log in using another computer or laptop. Additionally, try another web browser to make sure that there is no issue with the web browser that you are using. Moreover, you can disable any pop-up blockers, firewalls, and ad-blocking software temporarily, as these might be the reason why you cannot access the login page. However, do not forget to enable them back after you are done with your work.

Try Default IP Address

Another alternative way to log in to your Netgear router is using its default IP address instead of using routerlogin.net. The default IP address of most of the Netgear router models is This is the easiest method to access your Netgear login page.

Connect Router-Modem Differently

Use an alternative way to connect the Netgear router to the modem. If you are using a wireless connection, then an Ethernet cable can be put to use to establish the connection between these devices. A wired connection is always reliable and stable way to connect the devices.

Reboot Netgear Router

If none of the above hacks could resolve your issue, then go ahead and reboot your router. Power off the Netgear router, remove it from the wall socket. Wait for some time. Plug it back to the power socket. Power it on again. This will reboot your router. After rebooting, try to access the routerlogin.net. If you are successful then you are good to go. Move to the next step if the issue still persists.

Reset Netgear Router

Finally, reset the Netgear router by locating the Reset button on it. Press it for some time to change it back to the default factory settings. Again perform the Netgear router setup procedure. You are all set to access your Netgear router.

Final Note

Here we end our write up with the hope that we were of help to you in resolving the Netgear router login issue. Go ahead and perform the required troubleshooting hack to access the Netgear router login page using routerlogin.net.