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A question that is not being addressed is the reason this connection to excessive Internet utilization and emotional health issues is present. Are excessive Internet use causing the aforementioned green apple cbd gummies issues or are troubled teens more likely to be psychologically dependent to the Internet? While the majority of research studies that look on mental wellbeing and Internet usage are only one-time studies with no real understanding of the relationship between cause and effect but there have been studies looking at longitudinally the ways that problematic Internet use may be related to mental health issues.

In a recent study that looked at problematic Internet use in teenagers between 13-17 years old, the results indicated that obsessive Internet usage and depressive symptoms strengthen one another. 

Utilizing too much time online on the Internet can predict later depression as well as other mental issues whichin turn caused an increase in Internet usage. Studies have also shown how low self-esteem and social anxiety anger, and even ADHD can cause Internet addiction among teens. However, would researchers see similar results if they monitored these teens for several years?

Developmental Psychology provides

A report that was that was published by the journal Developmental Psychology provides a more thorough look at the ways that obsessive Internet usage and psychological health issues can be connected. A group cbd hair products of Australian researchers headed by Joseph Ciarrochi of Australian Catholic University conducted two studies that tested various theories linking Internet use with emotional issues. The study was also designed to determine how various types of Internet activities could be connected to depression or social anxiety.

In the initial study, more than 2 000 students were monitored from the eighth grade to 11th grade (the samples were roughly divided between girls and boys). Participants completed inventories that measured various aspects of their mental health, as well as giving information on their family’s demographic background. 

Find it difficult to stop using the Internet They also filled out a questionnaire to assess the extent of their compulsive Internet use , with questions like “Do you find it difficult to stop using the Internet while you are online?” “Do others (e.g., parents, brothers or sisters, friends) say you should use the Internet less?” “Are you short of sleep because of the Internet?” And “Do you feel restless, frustrated, or irritated when you cannot use the Internet?” The scale has been confirmed to be reliable in earlier research.