To measure your curtain and fix it like a real professional, we advise you to bring the following:

There are dowels that are screwed onto a place wall: self-tapping or Molly-type metal expansion dowels for partitions and ceilings. To quickly adapt your curtain, we offer our Imperial Room extendable rod kit with 2 sizes and 3 colours to choose from.  


For curtains with eyelets, we offer 3 shades of eyelets to adapt to your curtain rod announced above: (from top to bottom in the photo)


The diameter of a curtain rod varies from 16 mm to 20 mm in diameter or even a maximum of 28 mm in diameter. For the third proposal, we recommend it for heavy curtains. Draw in pencil the points which will determine the location of the bar and which will make it possible to arrange the mounting brackets.

On a wall or the ceiling:

First, the curtain rod must protrude at least 20 cm on each side and then be fixed at least 15 cm above your window—the ideal: is 5 to 10 cm above. Everything is possible! Know that the more height you put, the more material you will have.

Hang your mounting brackets about 10 cm from each side of the window so as not to have any problem with your window: this would cause discomfort when opening.

Between 2 walls:

You won’t need end caps on each side since the bar will be hooked to the ends by births that will fit inside your bar to support it. All you have to do is a measure between the 2 walls to know the length of your bar.

INFORMATION: We recommend eyelet curtains with a traditional bar for this installation.


Some rules should not be overlooked to measure your curtains properly. This will depend on whether you have a curtain rod installed or your bare wall.

Case n°1: you don’t have your curtain rod yet.

Put your tape measure flush with your frame, on the top of your window, and down to your floor. Then, add 10 to 15 cm more, depending on the desired location of your rod.

Case 2: your curtain rod is already installed.

Take the width of the rod end to end ( without the ends), then the height to be taken from the hanging bar ( above the bar ). We will then adapt to these dimensions so that the curtain forms a friendly wave and it does not look skimpy when you close them. On the contrary, it will bring a harmonious pleat.

The volume of the curtain makes it possible to obtain waves when it is open or closed. If there is not enough scale, it will not have the same effect. In the closed position, your curtain will have a width of 2 for a classic decoration and a width of 1.5 for a contemporary decoration.

Need help with your measurements? Nothing alarming! If you order curtains ready to hang, we will provide you with iron-on tape to adjust the hem of your curtain. You need to heat your iron and fix it inside your bottom curtain. For the drape of your curtain, it’s up to you to choose according to the style of your interior decoration, flush with the floor or a brittle drape.

For example, the widths of our curtains vary between 125 to 145 cm depending on the width of the fabric. Conversely, the heights remain the same for ready-to-hang adjustable curtain poles:

To know: Know that Atelier de France also manufactures tailor-made to meet everyone’s needs. Please request a free sample before any order to make your curtains to validate the fabric’s colour and texture.

Our technical department will be at your disposal on 03 24 26 77 61 for any specific requests or needs. An estimate or a drawing will always be a plus so as not to make any mistakes and to have a product finish that aims for perfection.