Have You Ever Tried Kulcha? They Are Crazy!

Back in the last century, not long after we got married, my sister took us to Indiatown to get our own thali dishes. She gave us four beautiful thalis made of stainless steel and eight katoris that went with them. We ADORE them. We use the katoris a lot. The thalis, on the other hand, are hiding under the salad bowl. But not THAT hidden.

I don’t know what stopped us from bringing them to this month’s BBB kulcha party.

Yes! Aparna (My Diverse Kitchen) gave us not only Indian bread to make this month, but also some delicious savoury side dishes. Matar or Chole Kulcha are apparently common street foods in New Delhi. I also heard that chole (chickpea curry) is often served with kulcha for breakfast in Amritsar.

When I asked T about kulcha, he was surprised to say that in the ten years he lived in India, he didn’t remember ever seeing it or trying it.

We both love naan. The difference between kulcha and naan seems to be similar to that between fougasse (which is baked on a stone) and focaccia (baked on a bed of olive oil).

Aparna told us that not only does kulcha have butter in it, but it is also cooked on a bed of butter. Did someone say butter? How much butter?

We were so excited!!