Top Teeth Numbers: How Many Top Teeth Do Humans Have?

In the United States, we have 32 teeth that are present at birth and make up our primary (baby) set of teeth. When these teeth fall out, they’re replaced by our secondary (permanent) set of teeth; with these teeth number chart, we usually have either four or six extra molars in the back. As adults, we also have third molars in the back; this group of molars are commonly called wisdom teeth, and many people choose to have them removed as they can cause problems with other teeth in the mouth or even your jaw bones if they don’t come in correctly.


It’s a common misconception that humans only have 12 teeth. In reality, adult humans have 32 teeth. Your top teeth are the ones you use for eating and talking. On average, people’s top teeth numbers are 20 but this can vary depending on the individual. If you’re wondering how many top teeth you have, it might be time to make an appointment with your dentist near me!

How Many Top Teeth Do Adult Humans Have?

The top set of teeth, also known as the incisors or front teeth, are used to cut food into smaller pieces so that they can be swallowed more easily. The back four teeth, called premolars and molars, work with the tongue to grind food and break it down. Adults have eight incisors (front teeth) on the top row; 12 premolars on the bottom row; and 16 molars on the back two rows.

The dentist near me will typically take a closer look at your mouth when you come in for an exam. A dentist will help you understand what’s wrong with your bite and help maintain healthy teeth by removing plaque or tartar buildup.

The Difference Between Primary And Permanent Teeth

Primary teeth are the first set of teeth that most humans have. They start to appear in the mouth around six months old and are replaced by permanent teeth when they fall out. Sometimes it may take a little longer for some people’s primary teeth to come out, but if they don’t, a dentist near me will pull them because they can’t be healthy or grow properly without them. Primary teeth help us chew our food and speak with our friends and family members. When we get older, these teeth fall out and are replaced with permanent ones, which usually start coming in around age six or seven. Our permanent teeth help us chew our food better and keep our smile looking great!

Why It’s Important To Know How Many Top Teeth You Have

You may not know how many teeth you have, but it’s important to know because it impacts your oral hygiene and general health. A dentist near me can help you with a quick exam to count the number of teeth you have on top. There are usually twenty-eight teeth on top, plus four wisdom teeth. That’s thirty-two total.


The number of teeth in the mouth is 32. The four canines, eight premolars and twelve molars are the top teeth. However, if you want to know how many top teeth you have, you need to visit a dentist near me. I went to mine this morning and got a cleaning and exam for only $200!