Is Natural Aquamarine Expensive? You Might Be Surprised!

Natural Aquamarine occurs in only one color, blue, but there are several different shades of blue depending on the type of Aquamarine that you buy. You may have heard the terms Brazilian Aquamarine or Chilean Aquamarine before, but what do these mean? And how much do they cost? Let’s find out…

Aquamarine Is A Very Popular Gemstone

Natural Aquamarines are very rare and therefore they are not cheap. The price is determined by many factors such as the size, depth of color, clarity, and shape. The best natural aquamarine come from Russia, Brazil and Pakistan. They can cost anywhere from $25 to $10 million per carat when mined in Russia. In other countries like India and Sri Lanka emeralds are less expensive because there is an abundance of them. For example, a 5-carat natural emerald can be bought for about $1,000 in India or Sri Lanka where it would cost over 10 times that amount if purchased elsewhere.

It Can Be Found In Many Different Colors

Natural Emeralds are one of the most valuable stones on the planet. That’s because emeralds are among the rarest stones found in nature and they’re also some of the most beautiful. The color spectrum for natural emeralds ranges from very light green to a deep forest green with variations in tone depending on where it was mined and how long it was exposed to sunlight. There are many different varieties of natural emerald, but there is no such thing as an aquamarine that isn’t dyed or treated in some way.

Aquamarine Is A Hard Stone

Aquamarines are blue to green-blue and the deeper the color, the more valuable the stone. Aquamarines can also have a silver sheen, which makes them even more valuable. Natural emeralds are much more rare than natural aquamarines and often sell for much higher prices. Aquamarines are not as common as other gemstones such as diamonds or pearls, but they are still a beautiful gemstone to own in any jewelry collection. Natural emeralds, on the other hand, are one of the most valuable stones on earth and usually sell for significantly more money than natural aquamarines. Emeralds come in many different colors including light green, yellowish green, olive green, bluish green (often with a pink tinge), dark forest green (also known as chocolate), brownish black (also called black beryl) or purple.

Aquamarine Is Often Used In Jewelry

Aquamarines are a type of stone found in nature. Though their color can vary depending on the region and geological formation, most aquamarines are blue or teal green in color. If you’re looking for natural aquamarines that have been mined from the ground, they can be quite rare and difficult to find. Natural emeralds, on the other hand, are more abundant and easier to find than natural aquamarine stones.

Aquamarine Is A Relatively Inexpensive Stone

Natural Aquamarine is an inexpensive stone. However, there are many varieties of Aquamarine that are much more pricey such as natural Emerald.

Natural aqua-green emeralds can cost up to $500 per carat for good quality stones. Aqua-green is one of the most popular colors for natural emeralds, but these stones can also be found in yellow, pink and blue hues.