Facilities and Physical Security

This Facilities functional work stream lean management is responsible for coordinating physically consolidating the organizations’ operational locations. The responsibilities include:

  • Listing all real estate properties, including square footage, lease conditions
  • The office signs are changing
  • Preparing the preliminary office consolidation strategy
  • Making a timetable for relocations for important roles
  • Analyzing telecoms (long-distance as well as local line) and recommending an integration solution to meet the desired
  • The process of processing mail and the distribution schedule for the day One
  • Planning and determining Physical Security needs at target’s facilities
  • Then determining the next step for requirements for facilities and real estate and creating the initial plan for office consolidation
  • Making estimates of cost savings and related one-time expenses
  • Planning synergy strategies and determining the date of synergy implementation to Real Estate / Facilities (closing and consolidating office locations)

Sourcing & Procurement

The Procurement function will evaluate the contract, commitments and future contracts of the acquirer as well as the desired target, and harness the purchasing capabilities of the combined company. The responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the most significant purchase contracts and commitments
  • The identification and quantification of the synergies you could create
  • The process of purchasing is communicated to the employees of the company you want to purchase from


The legal functional taskstream establishes the structure of legal entities that will be used by the combined entity and ensures that the legal and compliance concerns are dealt with in a uniform way for both the acquirer and desired. The responsibilities include:

  • Determining the appropriate Day One procedures
  • The company will provide general conditions and terms to the person who is the target, and working with Executive Sponsor to negotiate terms and conditions
  • Analyzing the legal department’s responsibilities of the organization and determining the most appropriate approach to integration
  • Reviewing and rationalizing roles and responsibilities of the department of the target , and determining the most appropriate approach to integration
  • Establishing the protocol regarding legal issues within the combined entity in those areas as follows:
    • Review of contracts
    • Maintenance of contract
    • Trademarks
    • Licensing
    • Regulatory Issues
    • Litigation
    • Other (governance, employment law, etc.)


This Finance functional work stream creates timely reports on management that help management to take appropriate business decisions and assess the financial performance of the organization m&a advisor. Its responsibilities include:

  • Develop a financial model for the combined company, including anticipated synergies, revenue increase as well as new products.
  • Monthly management reports, along with trend and financial analysis
  • Giving adequate information about the performance of the financials of the target so that you can address any issues that might arise.
  • The preparation of budgets and forecasts for the combined entity
  • The valuation of the target company


This work stream applies the same reporting standards and guidelines. The responsibilities that belong to team members on the Accounting Workstream team include:

  • Achieving a consistent presentation of financial statements and classification, which facilitates consolidated report
  • Applying the same accounting principles starting from Day One through
  • Establishing closing procedures that guarantee consistency and quality of results reported

Completed required regulatory filings (Form 8-K), UK Statutory audits, etc.) in a timely manner