How To Convert OST To PST Format: A DIY Way

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the easiest way to convert from OST to PST format. We will walk you through the OST to PST conversion process in detail in this blog. But first, let’s learn more about Outlook, its file formats, and other things before we start the recovery process.

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Outlook OST file

The MS Outlook OST file is an offline storage format that enables you to continue working without an Exchange server and synchronise the data at a later time. By doing so, OST ensures that your work will continue to flow through Outlook even if the Exchange server is unavailable. The OST stores all of your data locally so that it can be easily recovered in the event of server failure, network problems, PST file corruption, and other scenarios.

The OST file, however, is the best place to store a backup of your data because it is hardly ever impacted by activities on the Exchange server. However, it would be incorrect to claim that the OST file is not vulnerable to technological problems because there are a number of factors that might harm the OST file and render it unavailable. Additionally, this approach is beneficial if you want to move data from one device to another.

OST to PST Conversion: Why?

Malware or Virus Interruption: Your device may be shielded from many virus and malware infestations by using effective antivirus software. But if it isn’t compatible with the device, it could potentially interfere with other programs. As a result, you should exercise caution while choosing an antivirus for your device. Convert OST to PST if you’re experiencing the same issue as a result of malware or a virus.

Storage Device Affected: Sometimes, an empty storage device or one that hasn’t been use in a while might be the home of infectious organisms, and using one of them can harm your system and the Outlook program. It therefore harms OST files.

Stoppage caused by network connectors: A network connection was necessary to synchronize data from one location to another. The OST file may be hamper if any of the connection’s components—cables, routers, or network cards—become broken or malfunction.

Storage Capacity: Depending on the Outlook version, each OST file has a storage capacity. If you exceed the file’s size restriction, it may get corrupted or become unavailable.

Unexpected Power Loss: Unexpected power failures in devices can severely damage system applications. Since OST files are sensitive, corruption may occur as a result of an abrupt or unplanned power outage.

How to Convert an OST File to a PST File

Now that we are aware of the causes, we can see why users may find it necessary to convert OST files. Users must move data from the inaccessible OST file to the PST file in order to resolve this issue. To convert an OST file, you may require a high-quality OST to PST Converter program.There are a number of solutions if you’re seeking the finest OST to PST converter. However, Convert OST to PST is the best program on the market right now for converting OST files.

Converting OST to PST

The user can retrieve the items that are extract from the OST file as an identical replica of the mailbox data by using the OST to PST Converter. The largest amount of OST data may be convert to PST format with this program in only a few minutes. Additionally, the OST to PST conversion tool always transforms the whole mailbox’s contents.

Effortless recovery of corrupt OST data is one of the features of the SYSessential OST to PST Converter Tool. It restores all the data, including emails, calendar entries, contacts, tasks, journals, and more, and fixes faulty OST files. The recuperation work is quickly complete, and it only takes a minute.


A free demo version is also available for all users by the app.

Steps to follow

For the conversion of the OST files to PST format follow the below-provided steps:

  • Firstly install this OST to the PST Converter application in your Mac OS
  • Now add the OST files that you need to convert into the PST format
  • Check out those selected files by previewing them
  • Find out the location where you wish to save the converted OST files
  • Hit the convert now button

No hurdle is faced by a user while following these steps of conversion.

Demo version: This tool’s demo version enables users to backup and restore broken or corrupt data from each mailbox folder. The top 10 items from each mailbox folder can be recover using the sample version.

Choose More Than One File: With the export contacts from OST to Outlook pst, users may choose more than one file at once and recover them without having to wait for the operation to be finish with only one file.

Before saving the file, use the preview option. The preview function is already include in this tool. Before proceeding to the last phase, the user may inspect the data and verify the quality of the converted data.