How to convert vCard Contact File to CSV Format Free?

There are dual strategies available withinside the online marketplace to export vCard to CSV Sheets given below.

  • Free Manual Method
  • Professional Method

You can go with any appropriate method to transform VCF contacts into CSV Sheet, according to the requirement of the task. However, here, we’re explaining each approach to export vCard to CSV Spreadsheet with real-time real screenshots.

How to Convert vCard File into CSV – Free Method

Phase 1 –Convert vCard File

  • Press Windows+ R (Run Command), input the route of Windows Contacts as mentioned, and press the Ok button.
  • Thereafter, click on the Convert buttons proven withinside the screenshot.
  • Select vCard (VCF File) alternative and hit on Convert.
  • Pick the aka vCard file that you need to store in CSV Sheet and press Open.
  • See the whole details of the vCard touch. Now edit it or verify it and press Ok.
  • Repeat the equal manner once more and once more for every vCard touch.
  • After that, you could see the message of the hit Convert manner.
  • Now, you could see Converted cards beneath neath Windows contacts.

Phase 2 –Export CSV File

  • Select all Converted contacts and press the Export button to continue.
  • Thereafter, pick out CSV (Comma Separated Values) and press Export.
  • Click the Browse button to select a preferred vacation spot route.
  • Enter the file name of your preference and hit the Save button.
  • After that, you could see the selected vacation spot route. Click on the Next.
  • Choose all or required touch-field names and press Finish.
  • Converting vCard file to CSV format, please wait.
  • The manner to export VCF to CSV has been correctly finished.
  • At last, open the vacation spot route and get the ensuing CSV file which may be opened using MS CSV Sheet.

Manual Method Limitations

·   A time-ingesting manner that permits exporting vCard to CSV Sheet one with the aid of using one. Even there may be no assurance for facts loss.

·   This is a pretty prolonged manner that calls for a little technical knowledge. Hence, non-technical customers might also additionally face issues.

How to Export VCF to CSV Sheet – Technical Method

vCard contacts to CSV Converter for the ones who need to export contacts from a VCF file to CSV Spreadsheet. With this tool, you’ll effectively store vCard to CSV without out dropping any personal data.

vCard contacts to CSV Converter for the ones who need to export contacts from a VCF file to CSV Spreadsheet. With this tool, you’ll effectively store vCard to CSV without out dropping any personal data.

It is well suited with any vCard file like vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 so that it will Convert contacts from the VCF file to CSV. So, VCF to CSV is one of the most general file formats that can access to clouds, MS Outlook, and various handheld devices like smartphones, Blackberry, iPhones, etc., and keep the transformed documents into CSV Sheet.

Follow the steps of vCard to CSV Converter runs easily on all variations of windows operating systems in addition to OS Computers.

  • Install and run the conversion application on your system.
  • Click on the browse button and select your VCF file.
  • Choose the output location for your system.
  • Finally, click on the “Convert Now” button for the conversion tool.

vCard to CSV Converter Online Tool Prime Features

Bulk Convert vCard Contacts to CSV:

With this utility, you could bulk export contacts from VCF files to CSV. It does not place any kind of drawback on touch conversion. You can convert as many vCard to CSV as you need without boundaries.

Dual Ways to Load VCF Data:

The customers have alternatives to convert vCard documents into the toolkit for conversion. The select Files’ alternative allows the loading of unmarried or a couple of vCard documents whereas ‘Select Folders’ allows to load of a whole folder of vCard documents. So, in a single go, you could Convert a group of your e-mail contacts for the manner.

Ensures Data Integrity:

The product maintains the trustworthiness of data intact when you change VCF contacts to CSV.

No Necessity for External Application:

Using this card to CSV Software, you ought not to release an outside utility for changing vCard documents to CSV Sheet.

Keeps Intact Contact Details:

While you convert contacts from the vCard file to CSV, the software will keep all of the touch data together with the whole first name, last name, address, and email address.

Supports All variations of vCard Files:

This VCF to CSV Converter is well suited with all vCard variations, for example, vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, vCard 4.0, and so forth

online Secure Software:

vCard to CSV Converter online Software works without network connectivity. Even it doesn’t add your essential contacts data to the server throughout the vCard to CSV conversion. Hence, that is much more secure compared to an online VCF to CSV converter.

The Closure

So, the manner to transform vCard contacts to CSV can without difficulty be carried out with the above approach. Try the loose trial model of this software program to assess proficiency. After getting satisfied, you could purchase the license keys of the product.

We have discussed twin strategies to transform vCard files into CSV. You can pick out any one method to transform VCF documents into CSV Sheets. However, the guide approach comes with a few boundaries however you could use it for exporting some contacts from card to CSV.