What Is The Importance Of The Raw Ruby Gemstone?

Raw ruby gemstone is extremely valuable, with some of the larger and more impressive pieces selling for more than $10 million USD at auction. And that’s not including the value of the many smaller and less-impressive pieces that are used to make jewelry or cut into faceted gems like rubies and sapphires, which can be worth several thousand dollars each depending on their size and quality. So just what makes a raw ruby gemstone so special?

The Physical Properties Of Rubies

Rubies are a type of yellow gemstone. For centuries they have been considered one of the most valuable gems in the world due to their rich color, rarity, and durability. But what makes them so special? The physical properties that make rubies so unique are their hardness, refractive index and dispersion. Rubies have a hardness of 9 on Mohs scale (1-10) which means that they are highly resistant to scratches or breaking when dropped on a hard surface. Rubies also have very high refractive index (1.762 – 1.774) which means light passes through them rather than being scattered in different directions as it would with other gems like sapphires or diamonds.

The Historical Significance Of Rubies

Ruby stones are a yellow gemstone. They are used in jewelry and have been for centuries. The historical significance of rubies dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were engraved with hieroglyphs on hard materials such as wood or stone. This was done to honor the ancient Egyptian gods or leaders that were buried with them. In Victorian times, rubies were often set into jewelry by European royalty because they symbolized courage and bravery due to their deep red color.

Nowadays, ruby stones are still widely popular in many forms, including rings, pendants, brooches and earrings. They are also popular as traditional gifts for anniversaries and weddings because they symbolize love and devotion.

The Astrological Properties Of Rubies

In feng shui, rubies are considered to be a yellow gemstone and are used in many different ways. For example, they can be used in the Wealth corner as an alternative to garnets or emeralds. Rubies can also be used on their own as an accent or to enhance a décor theme. They are often placed at the front door or entrance of a home because they represent good fortune and wealth. Rubies may also be chosen by people who want to balance out more expensive stones such as diamonds with something more affordable.

Rubies And Feng Shui

Ruby’s durability and resistance to wear make it a favorite for jewelry. The stones are also popular with collectors, who might not wear them. There are two types of rubies – red and pink. Red rubies are most valued because they’re rarer than pink ones. Yellow gemstones are considered to be less valuable than other colored gems, but they can still be quite valuable depending on their size, color, and clarity.

How To Care For Rubies

The ruby is a yellow gemstone. It gets its name from the Latin word rubeus which means red. The red coloration often times has to do with impurities in the stone, but there are some rubies that will keep their deep red color even after being cut and polished. Rubies are very popular for jewelry because they are highly durable stones, which means that they can be set in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets without worrying about them getting scratched or chipped. There are a few ways to care for your rubies. The first thing you want to do is make sure you store your ruby away from moisture, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.