Online Help for student for exam

The session for students is associated with tests and exams . And it is precisely because of them that many “fly out” from the very first courses, or they have to pay bribes. But you must admit that 10,000 rubles given to a teacher hit the pocket of an average student very hard, and not everyone can give a bribe (and if it works out, then you have to pay every session until this discipline ends). But this is not all the problems, because giving bribes is a criminal offense.

We have another suggestion: if you realize that you can’t solve it yourself, then you can send your assignments to us directly from the exam or test. We, in turn, will help to solve them.


To order online help for a test, exam, you can leave a request in the comments to this post. Or you can write to us on vkontakte. It is advisable to register at least 20 hours before the event . Thus, you will have time to pay for the order, and we will be able to prepare.

Regardless of which of the following ways you leave a request, write to us:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Subject
  • Type of work (control, exam, test)
  • Course and group number
  • Name of your university or institute


  1. Take a picture of the ticket, preferably one photo , but so that all tasks are visible (the main thing is legible), and send it to us on VKontakte. The page for receiving your order at the exam is discussed in advance.
  2. Then we are waiting … As soon as we start the solution, we inform you about it, then it takes 2-5 minutes to complete the task. Solutions are sent to you as they are completed ( one task at a time ), so that you have time to rewrite everything.


  • Physics
  • Mathematics (vyshmat, matan)
  • Chemistry
  • English language


All decisions are made in Word, then they are screened, as a result you get a small photo (it downloads quickly), i.e. 100% readable solution.

We only accept as many applications as we can handle .

The speed of solving problems is 2-5 minutes, which is very fast .

We have 6 years experience of online solutions.


  • You will need a phone with a camera, preferably a good one. And the VKontakte application installed on the phone.
  • Make sure that the photo is of high quality, but does not take up much space, reduce the shooting resolution. Otherwise, sending the photo may be delayed. Well, if the photo will weigh no more than 100kb.
  • Check if you have “photo compression when sending / downloading” in the application settings. Otherwise, there will be problems with the quality of the photo.
  • You will need a fast (and paid at the time of the exam) mobile Internet.


…the control has been canceled – you can transfer the paid funds to the next control (even if it has not been assigned yet), or spend this money on ordering homework tasks (no commission!); or we can refund your money, but minus the commission for the cost of one task + bank commission for the transfer.

…You needed fewer tasks than you paid for – you can transfer the balance to the next order without commission.

…You didn’t have time to rewrite the tasks – all tasks are considered completed before you say hang up.

… the tasks are solved incorrectly (a case from the “very rare” category) – but in this case the money is not returned, for the reason that online assistance requires a very high level of training, and is carried out in complicated conditions. As a rule, 90% of errors are due to incorrect rewriting or failure to protect solutions, as well as cases of teacher bias. To avoid such situations, we solve electronically, and try to send more tasks than ordered. Also, if given the opportunity, we correct the errors.


Online assistance is carried out only on 100% prepayment and by prior arrangement. The cost for this type of service differs from the price for home tasks, so check the prices by writing to us in VK.

Assignment Homework is a very good online student help company