The Delicious Treat Called Pistachio Baklava

One of the most well-known desserts from the Mediterranean region is pistachio baklava. It was initially prepared somewhere in the eighth century B.C. Even the harshest food reviewers have always been won over by this delicious dessert, despite a few moderations over the years.

It goes without saying that a delectable dessert can transform a meal into a special occasion. Has the Turkish proverb “Tatli yiyelim, tatli konualim” ever crossed your mind? It means “Let’s eat sweet and let’s speak sweet” when translated literally. Now, one would assume that a nation that adheres to such a proverb would also produce the most mouthwatering delicacies. Turkey has truly been a nation that has given the world many of the most beloved sweet delicacies of today. Some of these include custards, puddings, and pastries. The region’s native crops of nuts and fruits are used liberally in all Turkish desserts. Pistachio Baklava is one such incredibly well-liked and delectable delicacy. The most traditional and delicious form of Mediterranean sweet dessert is baklava.

The creation of pistachio baklava is considered to be an act of art by Turkish cooks. It calls for a love of cooking as well as tenderness and care. The first individuals to make this delicious delicacy were the Assyrians. Around the eighth century B.C., the first pistachio baklava was created. They conducted an experiment by layering thin bread dough with chopped nuts in between each layer. They then cooked it in their crude ovens after adding some honey. It was once thought of as a rare delicacy that was only offered on exceptional occasions. The Baklava was a delicacy enjoyed only by “the rich and renowned” even in the later decades of the 19th century.

Pistachio Baklava was the Turkish sultans’ favourite dessert for a good amount of time. Another factor contributed to this dish’s tremendous acclaim among the nobles. Pistachios and honey, the dish’s two main ingredients, were thought to have aphrodisiac properties when consumed consistently. They added some spices to this pastry to further enhance its flavour. These unique spices not only enhanced the pastry’s flavour but also enhanced the preparation’s aphrodisiac properties. The addition of cinnamon for females, cardamom for males, and cloves for both sexes is interesting to observe.

Making pistachio baklava is very challenging. The process of making the dough is time-consuming. Once that is finished, you must move rather fast because the dough can soon dry up and become brittle. Although sugar was once used to make syrup, honey is now preferred since it is healthier and has less calories than sugar. Undoubtedly, cooking something like baklava may be a messy task if you are a novice cook. Foodies like to order Baklava from Greek and Turkish stores for this reason. After then, it’s time to dig right in.

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