Exotic and cocooning decoration: our tips for an assured escape

Exotic decoration is synonymous with travel. Above all, it must allow you to escape from your sofa. This style of interior decoration can take on colonial, tropical or equatorial, ethnic and even jungle looks. The exotic decoration can be loaded or more refined according to your tastes. It’s up to you to measure, however, respecting a few basic rules.

Objects from around the world for a real exotic decoration

The exotic decoration results in the accumulation of small decorative objects brought back from travel or which seem to come from the other side of the world. These little accessories will personalize your interior, bring back good memories and give a unique touch to your decor. It can be a Chinese vase if you are looking for a Zen spirit, a statuette or an African mask if you prefer to bring an ethnic touch, a Mongolian cashmere plaid to give a very soft side to your home. If you choose the exotic decoration, you will not be able to ignore local crafts and objects from around the world. Do not be afraid of mixtures, quite the contrary. Our decorators even warmly recommend it. The mix and match couldn’t be more exotic.

For furniture, choose exotic wood and natural fibers

To bring a warm and authentic touch to the exotic decoration, favor species such as teak, mango or mahogany, rattan, bamboo in the furniture. Check models now at Homary! Plant materials such as seagrass, sisal, jute, raffia, coconut fiber are also ideal for small decoration, carpets and floor coverings.

Green your interior, your cushions and curtains

Transform your interior into a winter garden. Vegetation must be visible. Mini palm tree, bonsai and real exotic plants: canary palm, aloe vera, hoya or porcelain flower will give a lush look to your room. As for the jungle style, plants and animals must be invited on cushions, curtains and wallpaper. They will give a wild look to your exotic decoration. Use your imagination and organize, for example, a wall of natural plants. Arrange them in a jar or an aquarium rather than in a simple flowerpot!

Blue, yellow, green and more green

In terms of colors, green must be omnipresent, in all its variations. Blue should not be overlooked either. Yellow and its pineapples also have their place in this style of interior decoration. These are the three dominant shades, to be favored to stay in the tone of the exotic decoration. Depending on the seasons and trends, change the candles or your tablecloth. Pink is the key color of the moment. It has the advantage of marrying very well with green and will soften the dark hue of the mango tree. Put a touch of it in your exotic decoration this winter, you will create a very original style.

Hibernation mode is activated. Warm up your interior with a cocooning decoration. You will then make a real cozy nest. For everything to be perfect and for the atmosphere to be truly hygge, you cannot do without certain cozy decorative elements. Think fur, velvet, feathers and soft colors, light the stove or the fireplace and prepare yourself a hot chocolate! Head to the sofa and your favorite series to measure the functional side of this type of decoration, not just decorative…

The plaid, element number 1 of the cocooning decoration

The plaid is the essential piece of decoration if there is one for this type of atmosphere. It is your best friend for top-notch cocooning decoration. In front of the TV or with a good book, you will love to wrap yourself in it. The rest of the time, it will perfectly dress an armrest or the backrest of your quilted sofa. In interior decoration, the trend is, after the XXL knits of last winter, for very soft polyester fur throws. Mink, panther, leopard or more neutral patterned look, this is essential number 1 for any self-respecting cocooning decor! For the more cautious who don’t dare use a foot warmer but who would like to push the pleasure to the limit, why not let yourself be tempted by a heated blanket. Yes, yes, there are.

Dozens of cushions

For a super cozy result, multiply the cushions, on the sofa, why not on the floor, on the chairs. Fashion is velvet this season. Square or rectangle, round, vary their shapes. The colors best suited to a cocooning decoration are resolutely soft. Choose them according to your tastes and your interior but avoid colors that are too bright. Cocooning is synonymous with softness. Prefer pink, pastel blue, pearl gray that you can associate with neutral colors such as anthracite gray, visible in all interior decoration shops. A cocooning decor is also set up with navy, forest green, burgundy, other key colors of the moment.

Hair the carpet!

The cocooning atmosphere is inseparable from the Scandinavian style, a style of decoration from which it draws its foundations even if it is perfectly suited to a family home interior or design for example. To bring a warm touch to your interior, opt for a faux fur type rug too, or a long-haired one on which it is great to lie down with a cup of tea and thick socks. Animal skin is also still an essential part of the cocooning decoration for this winter.

Gourmet candles for even more warmth

We never plan enough when looking for a cocooning atmosphere, a cozy interior, conducive to relaxation. Candles, decorative accessories in their own right, must also be there, lit, in quantity. Arrange them in surprising places to add a little originality to your decor: on the floor on a high candlestick, in a corner of a room or next to your coffee table, for example. Why not have it instead of a lamp next to your sofa in a giant version. Scented, they will add even more to the cocooning atmosphere.

Too cocooning the sweater mug

A successful cocooning decoration necessarily involves pretty dishes. A beautiful coffee service, a mazagran if you are a fan of vintage style or a mug in a sweater will then be your allies for these winter idleness sessions.