Easy open ends: A great packaging solution for metal containers

Tins and cans keep food fresh without any contamination. The material of the cans is chosen based on the food and beverages to be stored. Thus, it increases the shelf life of such products. In this aspect, the open ends are also very important to choose for certain packaging modes in this metallic container segment.

Let us take an example of Cookies tins. The open ends are generally lids with exceptional features that keep the cookies fresh. In fact, if a user is not done with the cookies, he can still keep them fresh by simply putting the lid back. On the other hand, easy open ends are designed for one-time opening only. The food or beverage inside is either consumed or stored in different containers or in the same can or tin.

Easy open ends: A great innovation

Like the lids of the Cookies tins, easy open ends are designed for convenience and certain benefits imparted to the material packed inside the cans and tins. Here is the list of benefits of easy open ends.

1.       Easier to open

An Easy Open Ends supplier designed these units in such a way that the packaging takes less time and resources and the users can easily open the cans and tins. The features of an easy open end allow the user to peel it off easily and use the content inside.

2.   Packaging solution

Even if the lid is designed to peel off for the first time, it offers excellent convenience in packaging food and beverages without compromising the conformity and integrity of the products. They avoid germination and contamination even if stored on the shelves.

3.   Enhanced shelf life

An Easy Open Ends supplier designs the lids in such a way that they provide an airtight container for packaging certain food and beverages. It enhances the shelf life of the products and even enables easy transportation to distant locations.


From these points, we can clearly understand how lids and ends are designed for metallic packaging. The packaging solutions are chosen based on the type of food or beverages to be stored.