How To Choose The Right Light Lipstick Shades According To Skin Tone? – Which Is The Best Lipstick?

The character of lipstick is the most important in any girl’s makeup kit. Among all the makeup products like blusher, concealer, kajal, mascara, eye shadow, and shimmer, the place of lipstick is the most different and important. Lip makeup can be kept light or dark according to makeup, outfit and occasion. While choosing a lipstick, along with its color, full care should be taken of season, brand, skin tone, skin type, and your overall makeup. For example, if you have light eye makeup, then you can keep lip makeup dark, while if eyes makeup is dark, then always keep lip makeup light. Know, some information related to lip makeup, lipstick and light lipstick shades.

How to choose Light lipstick shades

Choosing the best Light lipstick shade is not an easy thing at all. It takes a lot of effort to get a perfect shade. Sometimes you have to take care of the skin tone, sometimes you have to find a shade light and sometimes a shade dark for your outfit and occasion. Well, if you also face difficulty in choosing a lipstick shade, then these tips of ours can be useful for you.

Choose Light lipstick shade according to skin tone

It is not necessary that every shade of lipstick suits every girl. If you want people’s eyes to get fixed on your lips (we mean, lipstick), then always choose lipstick according to your skin tone. Know, the best lipstick color according to the skin tone.

Choose nude Light lipstick shade according to skin tone

Nude Light lipstick shades are very popular in this era of minimal makeup trend. Know, how to choose nude lipstick color according to skin tone.

Skin Tone: Fair and light

While choosing a nude Light lipstick shade for fair skin tone, you can go for a nude lipstick with pink undertones. This shade will work to enhance the natural rose color of your lips. Avoid using brown undertones as it can darken your lips. However, if you have warm undertones, use beige undertones to give a light beige tint to your lips.

Skin Tone: Medium

Girls with medium and olive skin tones can choose from a variety of nude lip colors. Orange or yellow undertone lipstick will suit people with medium skin tones. You can also go for a caramel, beige undertone or pale nude lipstick with a sheer formula.

Skin Tone: Dark and dusky

Chocolate color suits well on girls with dark skin. Just follow a general rule: The darker the complexion, the darker the lipstick color. Nude shades with rich chocolate, dark brown and red undertones will charm anyone. You can also select a brown tint or a rosy brown nude shade. However, avoid using light shades.

Choose Light lipstick shade according to the season

Do you know that Light lipstick shades can also be chosen according to the season? We tell you how.

When the weather is hot

Pink, coral, red, berry and wine lip shades usually look good in warm weather.
Monsoon season is pretty dull for many people. In such a situation, it can be corrected by increasing the brightness of your look. Bright lips can boost vibrance on dull days in no time. You can choose light lipstick shades like burgundy, rust, and bright orange.

Types of Lipsticks – Types of Lipsticks

The world of lipstick is not easy to understand. There are many types of lipsticks according to every occasion, outfit, season, skin type and skin tone. From miniature lipsticks to sketch pen lipsticks, from glossy lipsticks to matte lipsticks, you will be amazed to see the variety of lipsticks available.

Moisturizing Lipstick

Girls who have dry lips should use moisturizing lipstick. Moisture-rich lipsticks keep lips soft and moist. These lipsticks contain Vitamin E, Glycerin, and Aloe Vera, which help in keeping the lips moist. It also brings shine to the lips.

Satin Lipstick

Satin lipsticks also moisturize and nourish the lips making them shiny and glossy. Satin lipsticks have a higher oil content and appear darker on the package than on the lips. Oily lipsticks have to be applied on the lips in several coats.

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick shades are perfect for girls looking for better and more colorful shades of matte lipstick colour. It gives the effect of flat lips. Smooth your lips using a matte lipstick