Best Program to Backup Office 365 Emails Locally

Office 365 provides a versatile work setting with advanced security capabilities, but it doesn’t provide a direct option to backup Office 365 emails. If you’re seeking ways to back up your Office 365 users’ mailboxes/emails in local storage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Before delving into the solution for backing up Office 365 email, let’s first examine some of the scenarios where users seek to safeguard their data and create backups.

What Prompts users to Create an Office 365 Email Backup?

  • Typically, backing up/exporting Office 365 emails is necessary to reduce the size of the cloud mailbox. Users can store the archive mailbox on a local disk and use it later as required.
  • There is always the risk of unauthorized access to and hacking Office 365 mailboxes. Therefore, creating a cloud-based email backup in local storage can serve as a reference in such cases.
  • Having an Office 365 mailbox backup can be advantageous for data recovery in case of unexpected data deletion or loss.

Although a manual (native) method such as the eDiscovery content search utility is available for Office 365 email backup, it is not a secure solution due to minimal data processing and lack of data security. Hence, the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore tool is the best solution, as it offers a simple GUI and a secure process for all users.

The Advik Office 365 Backup Tool

The Advik Office 365 Backup Tool is a premium solution that offers easy and simple steps. It can easily create a comprehensive backup of Office 365 emails and all associated attributes in PST files. Additionally, the software enables users to export PST from Office 365 account. Thanks to its user-friendly GUI, this tool is simple to use for all Office 365 users looking to backup their emails.

Key Features of this Tool;

• This tool provides a backup process for Office 365 in a single console with no limitations.

• It creates Office 365 Email backups in the PST file format, which are easy to transport, save to any location on the system, and import into Outlook (including Office 365 Outlook profile).

• This efficient tool can handle multiple jobs simultaneously for creating and processing (backup/restore) and generating a comprehensive report.

• Archive mailboxes and Public Folders are also crucial for users, and this tool efficiently handles the backup and restore job for Office 365 Archive mailboxes and Public Folders.

• Users can schedule the backup time interval for mailboxes based on daily, weekly, and monthly intervals thanks to the scheduler feature.

To showcase the tool’s capabilities, users can try out the free demo version, which can process the first 50 items per folder before reversing.