How To Refill The Smok RPM 5 6.5ml Pod With E-liquid

How To Refill The Smok RPM 5 6.5ml Pod With E-liquid

You may be wondering how to use it if you are a newbie to the vaping world or just getting started with a Smok RMP 5 6.5ml pod. One of the biggest challenges is to refill your pod with an e-liquid. Don’t fret! This blog will guide you step-by-step through refilling your pod with e-liquid. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from preparing your pod to filling it up and priming your coil. 

Before we get started, there are a few things that you will need to have on hand:

  • A bottle of your favourite e-liquid
  • A Smok RPM 5 pod
  • A paper towel or cloth
  • A flat surface to work on

With everything you need at your access, let’s dive into refilling your Smok RPM 5 pod. 

  1. Remove The Pod From Your Device:

The first in refilling your Smok RPM 5 pro 6.5ml pod is t remove it from your vaping kit. Simply pull the pod out of the device’s housing to do this. Set the device aside for now, as you will only need the pod for the rest of the process. 

  1. Locate The Fill Port On The Pod:

Next, you will need to locate the fill port on the Smok RPM 5 pod. The fill port is a small hole near the bottom of the pod’s side. It’s usually covered by a rubber plug that you must remove to access the port. 

  1. Remove The Rubber Plug And Prepare Your E-liquid:

Remove the rubber plug from the fill port using your fingers or a small tool like a pair of pliers. Set the plug aside somewhere safe, so you don’t lose it. Next, prepare your e-juice by opening the bottle and ensuring the nozzle is clean and debris-free. 

  1. Fill The Pod With E-liquid:

It’s time to begin filling the Smok RPM 5 pod 6.5ml now that you have accessed the fill port and prepped your e-liquid. Hold the e-liquid bottle in one hand and the pod in the other. Squeeze the e-liquid bottle slowly to release the liquid into the pod after inserting the nozzle into the fill port. Avoid overfilling the pod, as this may result in leakage and other problems.

  1. Replace The Rubber Plug And Clean Up Any Spills:

The rubber plug must be replaced after the e-liquid has been poured into the pod. Ensure the plug is securely placed before carefully re-inserting it into the fill port. Use a paper towel or cloth to clean up any extra e-liquid that might have spilt during the filling procedure. If your pod has any spilling while placing it in the pod, you will experience vaping that is not enjoyable. 

  1. Prime Your Coil:

Before you can start vaping, it’s essential to prime your coils to ensure that it’s appropriately saturated with e-liquid. To do this, simply take a few primer puffs on your device without pressing the fire button. This will help draw e-juice into the coil and ensure you get the best flavour and vapour production possible. Priming is best to get the best out of your vaping device and enjoy a memorable experience. 

  1. Reinsert The Pod Into Your Device And Start Vaping:

Now that your Smok RPM 5 6.5ml pod clear is filled with e-juice and primed, it’s time to reinsert it into your device and start vaping. First, simply slide the pod back into the device’s housing until it clicks into place. Next, turn on your device and press the fire button to start vaping. Then, you are on your way to enjoying a hassle-free and all-day vaping experience. 

Final Thoughts!

Refilling your Smok RPM 5 pod with e-liquids is a simple process that anyone can do with just a few essential tools and some patience. Following these simple steps, you can fill your pod with your favourite e-juice. Make sure to prime the coils before placing the filled port inside the vaping device. 

So, why are you holding back? Get your hands on the Smok RPM 5 pod and follow the steps mentioned above to refill the pod. Then, you are on your way to enjoying a memorable and enjoyable vaping experience.