Finding the best motorcycle shipping company

Motorcycle enthusiasts like taking long road trips on their machines,  but what happens when their journey crosses several states? Then, it could be economical to start requesting estimates from motorbike shipping companies.

When it comes to other states, motorcycle riders may need to relocate. But, when they do, they must know the finest motorcycle transport choices for transporting their bike!

How Do I Choose A Company To Ship My Motorcycle to?

If you need to transport your motorbike, you’re searching for the finest shipping company to handle the job. A decent motorbike transportation company should have the following qualities.

1. Accessibility

Your desired motorbike transportation business should provide an affordable pricing point. Search for a company that can offer services at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality.-

2. Fixed Costs

Some motorbike transportation companies will try to get a quick one on their customers by tacking on fees to the initial price given. However,  you should make sure your quotation represents the guaranteed final payment because they will often include additional costs on purpose to raise the total cost, often by over 10%.

3. Experience and knowledge

The best motorcycle shipping company that lacks industry expertise should not be trusted. They will need to learn how a motorcycle works or how to pack it for transportation properly. The best action would be to find a  business specializing in shipping motorcycles to handle your shipping requirements. Due to its ability to manage mass shipments, such a  business will likely provide affordable costs.

4. Positive client feedback

The most excellent approach to understanding a company’s work ethic is carefully examining client feedback. What prior customers say about a  business may teach you a lot. Fortunately, goodness, a lot of websites allow users to post anonymously in a secure environment. You may determine the kind of shipping firm you will do business with by searching any search engine.

5. Insurance protection

Several insurance agreements will cover a reliable motorbike transportation company. If the shipping firm you are considering lacks insurance, this should raise a red signal. Likewise, a transportation company with basic insurance coverage that does not cover all losses should also be avoided.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Motorcycle?

A motorcycle’s travel time is influenced by its distance and route. For example, the trailer fills up quickly on popular routes like Florida to Illinois or California to Washington state since it is simple for drivers to locate the autos that need to be carried there.

The driver may need to wait a few days in one location while another vehicle is being prepared if the car needs to be delivered on a less-used route (such as Kentucky to Utah), and transportation may take longer than anticipated. In addition, due to the increased cost of transportation, drivers are unfortunately only able to move automobiles with a partially loaded trailer.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle?

Your motorcycle’s delivery price will vary based on some variables. On average, you can pay about $500 to ship your bike. You should anticipate paying less the shorter the distance, with short-distance moves sometimes costing a few hundred dollars. If you are shipping more than  1,000 miles, those figures will quadruple, and you will frequently be paid per mile rather than by the shipment’s total distance. The price is increased by international shipping.

Check your contract carefully for any additional costs that are not disclosed. This includes toll expenses, port fees, and entrance and permission fees if you’re shipping across the ocean. But, again,  shipping costs increase with distance, making Europe more inexpensive than Australia.

The kind of trailer

An open trailer is less expensive than an enclosed one, possibly costing an additional 50%.

The trip will only take a day or a half, so open transport is acceptable for shipping a motorbike less than 500 miles. However, because moving across the country often takes up to 8 days, Car Shipping Services advises selecting an enclosed transport if you’re doing so. The bike will be exposed to rain, sleet, snow, and even hail since the weather might change anytime.

Distance and places

The price of shipping a bike increases with distance. Of course, it also matters where your motorcycle should be picked up and delivered. Urban areas are often visited, so the driver will have other cars to pick up nearby and will only need to go further to pick up or deliver a single motorbike. Traveling from or to rural places will cost extra,  especially if they are far from the main routes. If that applies to you,  but you want to avoid paying a lot of extra money, you can arrange to meet the driver on the highway or close to a more populated location.

Your motorcycle’s size and weight

The bike’s dimensions and weight also impact the cost of shipping. Transporting a Tri-Glide motorbike or a motorcycle with a sidecar will cost more than a standard motorcycle.

Season of the year

The price varies depending on the time of year you ship your motorcycle. If you want to move a bike for less money, you may transfer it during the winter months. However, open transportation is not the most excellent choice this time of year. The busiest moving seasons are late spring, early summer, and early fall.

Several shipment dates

Another essential element is your flexibility about the shipment dates. There is no time to select the least expensive option if you need the motorbike transported as soon as possible. On the other hand, the earlier you begin organizing the transfer, the less it will cost to transport your bike because carrier firms that offer reduced rates are typically booked far in advance.

How can a motorbike be sent at the lowest price?

Saving money while transporting your motorcycle depends significantly on your flexibility. For example, you may save a lot of cash if your delivery and pickup dates are flexible. Also, using an open trailer rather than an enclosed trailer is less expensive, but the danger of damage is more excellent.

What is the most effective method for moving a motorcycle?

A reliable shipper that employs an enclosed trailer is the best option for transporting a motorbike. Doing this considerably reduces the possibility of faulty techniques or debris harming your motorbike. In addition, an expert motorcycle shipper will know how to secure your motorcycle to keep it safe.

What is the projected maximum size for my bike?

Your motorbike shouldn’t be more comprehensive than 40 inches or longer than 96 inches. Also, it’s critical to be aware of your bike’s weight. To learn more about their policies, you can speak with your shipper.

How soon after I order will the carrier pick up my motorcycle?

Most shipping companies will pick up your motorcycle between 1 to 4 days after your purchase.

What happens if I’m not present when the delivery is made?

It is best to have a family member or a reliable acquaintance sign for the motorcycle instead of you. Ensure the driver has your phone number or the phone number of your buddy so they can arrange to deliver your bike. Most drivers make a call between three and twenty-four hours before their arrival and typically arrive within a four-hour timeframe.


Picking a knowledgeable and authorized firm to transport bikes is crucial since transporting motorcycles is dangerous. Examining internet evaluations and complaints made by past clients is the most excellent approach to identifying a business that can do the task. Finding a  motorcycle shipping business that will safely transport your bike from point A to point B should be possible if you use the abovementioned methods. You may contact the company and ask for assistance if you ever have any queries regarding your shipping experience. One of the most crucial things for motorcycle owners is exporting their motorbikes. It will be easier to send your bike to a reliable business, so look around.