A Delicious Apple Pie Recipe and Instructions

What is the dish that most immediately comes to mind for you when you think about Labor Day, or any other holiday celebrated in the United States? I can’t help but think of apple pie, just because it’s an American staple that’s been around for decades. Apple pie is not only easy to make but also has a wonderful flavour. Making this mouthwatering dessert won’t require a lot of your time or work on your part. See how to prepare this dish right now with only the most basic of ingredients and techniques.

Apples, pie crusts (you may make these or have them pre-made), brown sugar (normal sugar works fine too), cinnamon, ginger, all spice, lemon juice, and butter are the things that you will need. You can either make the pie crusts yourself or have them pre-made.

To begin, take one of the pie crusts and place it in the pie pan like a bottom layer. Form it into the form of the pie, and then set it aside for the time being. While that is resting, you can prepare the apples by peeling and coring them. After that, slice them very thinly and place them in a basin. A little bit of lemon juice, cinnamon, brown sugar, ginger, and all spice should be mixed together in that bowl. Although it is not necessary for these to be dispersed evenly to such a fine degree, it would be wonderful if everything was levelled off.

Prepare your oven by preheating it to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. While this is heating up, pour the apple mixture into the pie pan, and then place another pie crust on top of the first one to form the top layer of your pie. Crinkle the top and bottom together to create a seal around the pie, and then use a fork to make numerous holes in the pie in various locations so that steam can escape. This is to ensure that the pie does not explode, thereby wasting all of your hard work.

To achieve a hue that is closer to golden brown, take some of the butter that you have and rub it all over the top of the pie crust. Now place your pie in the oven and let it to bake for around half an hour. After the pie has finished cooking, remove it from the oven and let it rest for about five to ten minutes before cutting and serving.

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