What is Residence Housing? Here’s the Explanation

What is Residence Housing? Here’s the Explanation

What is Residence Housing

If you talk about cities that support Jakarta, such as Bogor, Depok and Tangerang, of course you will imagine a city with lots of housing that is new or under construction. One of the housing concepts that is widely used in the city area is the type of residential housing.

Residential housing is housing consisting of several houses in one area. Usually residence housing carries a minimalist and simple design. The size and type of houses are also standardized.

Residential housing is generally located in suburban areas. So that the environment is still beautiful and free from pollution. Residential housing is quite common in Jakarta’s buffer zones, such as Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok and Bogor.

In terms of price, generally residential type housing will be set at a lower price with various variants at affordable prices.

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Characteristics of Cluster Housing

The Concept of Houses Built Similar

In accordance with the understanding, cluster housing units in one complex are built with a similar building design concept, and if the area of the complex is different, the design concept will also be different from the previous design. This is deliberately done by the developer so that it becomes an attraction for each cluster housing complex that is built and differentiates it from other clusters.

Security System with One Gate System

Cluster houses also have a system of one access door for entry and exit, or what we know as the one gate system, this aims to control security in housing. The entrance gate is guarded by security guards on guard 24 hours a day. This one gate system makes it easy for officers to control who enters and exits the residential area, so residents feel safe and comfortable because not just anyone can enter the residential area. The entrance gate is also equipped with CCTV cameras to record everyone who enters the residential area.

Advantages of Comfortable Cluster Housing

Cluster houses offer many advantages that are quite satisfying for you as residents. Then what are the advantages if you live in this cluster housing?

Guaranteed Housing Security

As you already know, cluster housing uses a one gate system for its security system, this means that this housing has a high level of security. Not only that, security officers will also patrol around your house. So that you as residents don’t need to worry anymore and really feel safe when living in this housing.

A Safe and Comfortable Environment for Children

The cluster housing environment that not just anyone can enter, makes this housing a safe and comfortable environment for children. Because you don’t have to worry anymore about lots of public vehicles passing by which can harm children when playing outside the home.