Delicious Croatian Food Variations are also Unique

Delicious Croatian Food Variations are also Unique


Pasticada is a food for special occasions that is often served at Christmas or weddings and requires special preparation. Typical food Made with round and rump (tanjong) meat. How to cook it first the meat is pierced with a knife and stuffed with cloves, garlic or bacon.

Then the meat is soaked overnight in vinegar. The marinated beef is placed in a pan along with parsley root, onions, a larger quantity of bacon, prunes and nutmeg and ample water and for the final touch added Prošek, a sweet dessert wine from the Dalmation region.

Next, the meat is baked for about five hours. Once the meat is cooked, vegetables are mixed into the sauce and served over gnocchi or other pasta. The combination of vinegar and plums gives a sweet and sour taste that is just right. If done correctly, slow-cooked beef can be chopped with a spoon.

Crni Rhizome

Called crni rizot in the local language, this Croatian specialty is usually made using cuttlefish or squid. This ingredient gives this traditional Italian dish an extreme touch of seafood. This specialty from the Dalmatian region usually uses ingredients such as olive oil, squid ink, red wine, and garlic.

Usually the cheese used is parmesan. Just before this dish is cooked, it is given a bit of squid ink which turns everything black giving it an unusual appearance.

Hobotnica ispod peke

Another typical Croatian menu comes by combining several main ingredients such as beef and vegetables. However, usually hobotnica ispod peke is made with octopus seafood mixed with potatoes. Where the octopus is left intact and arranged in such a way in the middle. Thus providing an interesting center of attention. The taste is quite distinctive because it is seasoned with Mediterranean spices and honey.

How to cook Hobotnica Ispod Peke is quite unique and lasts up to 2 hours. When cooking all the main ingredients are put in a bell-shaped container. The fireplace used is still quite traditional, namely using burning coals which in fact add to the distinctive taste of Hobotnica Ispod Peke. This cooking method is known to be still used in Montenegro and Bosnia.


Maneštra is a slow-cooked pea soup. Including the people’s favorite soup dish in Croatia, so it’s quite easy to get it. Because almost all restaurants have manestra in their menu.

Now Maneštra soup comes with a variety of flavors that can be adjusted to taste. From sauerkraut pea soup to corn pea soup. Of the many flavors of pea soup with corn or maneštra od bobici, they are among the most ordered.

Skampi na Buzaru

Coastal peoples of Croatia cook skampi na buzaru in a method called buzara. They often use this cooking technique for processed shrimp and shellfish. Usually when preparing shrimp and scallops, they add white wine, garlic, breadcrumbs and parsley.

Pasticada s njokima

This Croatian everyday dish is quite special, as it takes a long time to make. First of all, the veal must be marinated in wine vinegar for several days. Not only that, the seasoning ingredients needed are also quite rare and special. Those of you who are curious about the delicacy, can stop by at