Tackle Academic Pressure at University

The cutthroat academic competition in university is one of the leading reasons students wonder, “I wish someone could do my assignment for me.” While online educational writing services are undoubtedly a great option to tackle academic stress, it’s not feasible for many students since hiring professional academic guidance websites can be expensive.

As a result, millions of students worldwide suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Research shows that one out of three university students struggle to keep up with overwhelming academic pressure and rely on online tools like essay typers or professional experts to assist them with their papers.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Students Adopt at University

Unable to deal with the overwhelming academic pressure, many university students adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as:

  • Impulsive spending
  • Overeating
  • Isolating from peers

When these coping mechanisms are left unchecked, they can lead to serious problems that can hinder your academic growth.

How to Tackle Academic Pressure in a Healthy Manner?

University is bound to be a bit overwhelming, leading you to wonder, “Can’t someone do my law assignment for me?” However, before you spiral into unhealthy coping mechanisms, you must figure out the leading causes behind your stress and apply corrective measures to mitigate the situation.

Now, let’s explore a few healthy options to tackle academic pressure well.

Plan out a proper timetable

Lack of time management is one of the leading reasons students rely on free online tools like essay typers to get work done on time. But such tools don’t always provide you with the best solutions. So, to avoid feeling the bite of tight deadlines, it’s best to plan out a weekly timetable. Ensure you do not overestimate your abilities and allocate reasonable time to different tasks without overstuffing yourself.

Take frequent breaks while studying

It might feel like you’re wasting time when you take breaks while studying. However, research suggests that the human brain cannot concentrate for more than 30-45 minutes at a stretch. Marketing assignment help, Therefore, when you don’t take breaks, you lose concentration easily and end up with low-quality assignments, leading to poor grades and more stress. Thus, the best option is to take five-minute breaks every half an hour.

Avoid extending your work till weekends

Many students procrastinate on weekdays, thinking, “I can do my assignment on weekends.” However, weekends are the only time you can completely relax without worrying about attending classes or being late for extracurricular activities. After a strenuous week of lessons and assignments, your brain needs time to relax and rejuvenate. Of course, this won’t be possible when you overwhelm it with projects at every turn.

Get at least eight hours of sleep

It’s natural for university students to pull all-nighters in a rush to complete urgent assignments occasionally. But the moment this becomes a regular occurrence, your stress levels will increase. Lack of sleep can lead to low concentration, risk of hypertension, obesity and depression. Moreover, if you don’t get enough sleep regularly, you’re bound to be exhausted all the time. So, try to get at least eight hours of sleep, and your mind will feel energized to handle university stress.

Rely on online tools for quick help

Thanks to modern technology, you can use essay typers, equation solvers, proofreading tools and plagiarism checkers to reduce the burden on your shoulders. Nursing assignment help, These devices might not always provide you with the best solutions. But they can certainly diminish the time you’d need to spend on assignments. Once you complete your tasks earlier, you can spend more quality time for yourself and alleviate stress.

Seek professional help if required

If push comes to shove, don’t hesitate to contact your university counsellor or see a professional outside school. Every year, millions of students battle anxiety and depression, yet only a small percentage seek help. So, don’t let yourself fall into a spiral of despair. Reach out to licensed professionals and figure out ways to improve your condition.

While academic pressure in university is bound to get overwhelming at times, you should always remember that ignoring the problem isn’t an appropriate solution. Psychology assignment help Instead, try to implement the tips highlighted in this blog and note whether you see any improvement.


Pursuing higher studies is undoubtedly a stressful affair. Hence, this article explores six tips you can adopt to keep your anxieties and depression at bay.