List of the Cheapest Wholesale Shopping Places in Jakarta

List of the Cheapest Wholesale Shopping Places in Jakarta

Tanah Abang is a popular area in the Central Jakarta area. One of the most sought-after locations in the area is Tanah Abang Market Touted as the largest market in Southeast Asia, this market has been in Jakarta for a long time, namely since 1735.

The types of garment and textile products in the Block A area are excellent for anyone who visits because the prices are really low, aka cheap. Apart from raw products such as textiles, you can also find various clothing and other suits at low prices. In contrast to exclusive malls or shopping centers that offer fixed or net prices for goods, at wholesale markets such as Tanah Abang, you can negotiate prices, aka bargaining.

The characteristic that you can find from transactions at wholesale markets such as Tanah Abang is that the more items you buy, the cheaper the unit price you can get. It is these unique incidents that make wholesale markets such as Tanah Abang selling well. Visitors are flocking to them, especially at the moment of welcoming the fasting month and ahead of Eid, or on weekends. Not only clothes and other textile materials, you can also find lots of fruits, perfumes, and even various Mecca products intended for pilgrims as souvenirs such as dates, to zam-zam water.

Pasar Baru is one of the other community shopping centers in Jakarta which is quite old, dating back to 1820. Once an elite shopping area for expatriates in the past, now Pasar Baru still maintains its original building style, so it looks classic. You can find various shoe sellers to textile shops.

Now, on several sides of Pasar Baru, you can find several other interesting needs, ranging from salon equipment, used clothing, department stores, food, to other shopping centers such as ITC Cempaka Mas.

Another Jakarta shopping center with items that can be priced cheaply is Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua. Located in the northern area of Jakarta, this market really serves a complete range of needs, from bags, shoes, clothes, jewelery to baby needs. One more thing that is unique in this market is the existence of well-known foreign products such as Channel or Dolce Gabbana. But, don’t be surprised or even surprised if the product is then sold for much cheaper, because in general these products are just imitations or imitations. Similar to the Jakarta wholesale market in general, Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua provides negotiation or bargaining when you want to buy an item so that the costs incurred by consumers are much cheaper.

Tanah Abang Market is a people’s shopping center with a fairly large area and is well known by almost all Jakarta residents from various backgrounds, including pilgrims who want to give Saudi Arabian souvenirs. For several reasons, such as disrupting the focus on worship when shopping while in Saudi Arabia, free from fatigue, restrictions due to over-baggage fines and others, several areas in Tanah Abang have finally been transformed into sales centers for various products from the Middle East.