9 This Type of Shellfish is Safe for Consumption, Good for People With Anemia

9 This Type of Shellfish is Safe for Consumption, Good for People With Anemia

Besides shrimp, clams are also a type of seafood that has many fans. It turns out that there are many types of shellfish that are safe for consumption. The mainstay dishes from clams are usually stir-fried clams, clam satay, grilled clams, to clam soup.

Apart from that, there are also a number of fine dining restaurants serving fresh clams. To get rid of the fishy taste, the clams will be added with lemon. Not only in restaurants, there are also many shellfish sold at street vendors. Street vendors selling seafood usually exist at night.

For those who like to eat shellfish and want to make it yourself at home, you should pay attention to cleanliness, OK? If you wash the clams incorrectly, there might still be sand left behind, and the shells often still smell fishy. The wrong cooking method can also make the texture tough, you know.

1. Green mussels.

Quoted from taylorshastings.com the color of this clam shell is as the name implies, which is green. The shape is long and tends to be flat and smooth. If the flesh of green mussels is yellowish white. This green clam is quite popular, you know.

2. Bamboo shells.

This type of clam is rare. Usually, it can be found in East Java and Madura. The shape is long like a bamboo the size of an adult’s thumb. The texture of the clam meat is similar to shrimp meat, white and soft.

3. Scallops.

Simping shells are also usually called scallops. The shape of the shell is flat and patterned like a fan. Meanwhile, the clam meat has a dense and chewy texture. Scallops are safe to eat raw, you know.

4. Blood clams.

They are called blood clams, because these clams secrete a red liquid like blood which is hemoglobin. The flesh is also red, you know. This clam is good for consumption by people with low blood pressure because it is high in iron.

5. Oyster clams.

These shells are also popular for consumption, you know. This clam is also usually served raw. However, some are cooked with various kinds of sauces, such as oyster sauce.

6. Feather shells.

At first glance these feather clams were similar to blood clams. The shell has a line pattern and is broadly convex in shape. As the name suggests, this scallop has tiny black hairs. Usually these clams are processed into soup.

7. Scallops.

These shells are usually found in rivers or mangrove forests. The shape of the shell is convex and flattened at the edges. These clams are usually also called white clams because their shells are white.

8. Tiger clam.

This clam is called a tiger because of its striped shell like a tiger. Usually these shells can be found on the North and South Coast of Java. These shells include luxury shells, you know. In addition, these shells are also widely exported abroad.

9. Shellfish.

Mussel shells have a flat, elongated shape with a greenish-brown shell color and flesh that is hard-textured and tends to be tough. However, it’s still delicious when it’s cooked, you know. Many of these shells are also used for making crackers.