5 tips to keep your gym organized Tips

5 tips to keep your gym organized Tips 

Organization is key to the success of any business, and that includes gyms. How your gym is structured can influence the experience of members, from their first visit to their stay. With that in mind, we’ve selected 5 essential tips that will help you keep your gym organized and running efficiently.

Imagine yourself, they’re in your gym, with the best equipment and the best professionals. Suddenly, someone arrives wanting to hire your services. But, take a look at your gym and see a not-very-pleasant picture. It encounters poorly maintained equipment, a dirty environment, and infrastructure problems. Will this look win over your customer? Put yourself in his shoes and rate!

It is common for people to analyze the place looking for something that pleases them visually. After all, the first impression is the last impression. Is not it?!

In this text we separate 5 extremely important tips for you to keep your gym attractive and well organized. Check out:

1. Keep the space and your equipment always clean

Cleaning a gym and its equipment is essential to ensure your business thrives. A dirty environment can give your customers the feeling of carelessness with the activities carried out, or even the impression of incompetence and sloppiness. In addition, neglecting to clean your gym can endanger the health of your employees.

Without a doubt, employees who work in a clean and tidy environment are more motivated and, consequently, more productive.

Have a qualified cleaning team to meet all your company’s needs with efficiency and quality.

 To keep your gym clean at all times, create some cleaning routines. For example, separate specific days and times for cleaning the bathroom, equipment and rooms.

In addition, spread trash cans around your academy so that your students and employees dispose of garbage in its proper place.

Devices that are fixed must always be clean to avoid sharing sweat droplets between students. Mobile equipment must be placed in clean places, avoiding contact with the floor, and always  protected  to avoid the accumulation of dirt, being cleaned every time they are used.

2. Organize your gym equipment daily

Create a plan of your gym space and work on the equipment distribution layout , so that it is accessible to students and follows a training logic.

 A simple way, for example, is to separate the devices used to work out the leg muscles from those used for the arm muscles. Make sure that this organization is the same every day. If any equipment is removed from its place, return it to its place of origin!

This way, students will have greater ease during their workouts, avoiding being from one end of the gym to the other when changing equipment. This will also prevent your clients from taking training materials from different sectors far away.

Also, it is extremely important that you check that no equipment is out of place as this could lead to your students falling, tripping or bumping.

3. Apply the “5S”

 “ 5S ” is one of the most popular quality tools in the world and aims to develop: the increase of the company’s production; greater cleanliness of the site; standardization of processes; organization of the work environment by defining a place for each item; avoid accidents; improve the quality of life and the work environment.

 This all happens through the application of the 5 senses (“5S”):

  • Seiri – Sense of utilization;
  • Seiton – Sense of organization;
  • Seiso – Sense of cleanliness;
  • Seiketsu – Sense of standardization;
  • Shitsuke – Sense of discipline.

Each of these 5S are essential for you to be able to keep your company organized and clean.

This method is followed worldwide by large, medium and small companies and has a very low cost. It’s worth testing in your gym!

4. Divide your company into sectors

According to SCS Group Integrated Services : an organized cleaning  company manages to structure its strategic planning and achieve its objectives. One way to achieve this is to divide your company into areas and assign the activities that must be performed and those responsible for each one of them.

For micro and small companies, we can define four essential areas for the business. Are they:

  • Administrative : its main activities are financial controls, such as daily cash control, cash flow, income statement, closing accounting, payments and receipts, banks and billing targets;
  • Human Resources : emphasizes attendance control, hiring and dismissals, vacations, warnings, payment of salaries and commissions, integration and training;
  • Commercial : is responsible for customer service, budgets, supplier registration, sales team, inventory control, publicity and after-sales. 
  • Operational : takes care of the execution of the service, production line, quality control and management of the production team.

This makes it easier to assign roles to each person in charge so that you can make the necessary adjustments to improve your company’s organization.

 5. Decrease the use of paper in your gym

 Remember that ” Innovation is the strongest tool for the success of a company “. So, nothing better than taking advantage of the evolution of technology and taking what is most modern to your gym goers, thus avoiding all that numerous pile of papers.

 In addition, by reducing the use of paper in your company, it will be cleaner and, consequently, more organized. In addition, you will be valuing sustainability in your gym.

 But, how to reduce the use of paper?

 Our tip is that you reduce your physical files by scanning all your important documents. The best way to store your files on your computer is to leave them online, where you can access them wherever you are.

Thus, these papers no longer take up physical space in your gym, becoming more accessible, since you can access information from anywhere in the world through the internet and are extremely safe, both in terms of backup and in terms of privacy. student.

 In addition, with a good management system , you can manage your academy by controlling late payments, defaults, entering and leaving students, creating forms and cards, among other features. All this without the need for a pile of papers.