Gym cleaning: what to worry about?

Do you know the risks that a badly done gym cleaning can bring to the health of its regulars? We are not dealing with injuries caused by exercises done without guidance, but with diseases that can be transmitted due to the great movement of people and bacteria eliminated by sweat during exercises.
When these bacteria accumulate in equipment and even accessories used in activities, they can cause serious skin infections, mycoses, and even candidiasis. Gym cleaning is essential for everyone’s health to be preserved. Learn what you should be concerned about by following this article. Check out!

What to consider when cleaning the gym?

Student satisfaction

Although exercise causes sweat production, no one likes to be in contact with dirty and smelly environments. If gym cleaning is not done properly, it can result in a loss of customers.


You need to assess whether gym cleaning is being done periodically. To do this, create a cleaning schedule. Some equipment and areas must be cleaned more frequently than others. In addition, it is important to pay attention to certain procedures that help in the conservation of materials.
Equipment and areas that are constantly used should be cleaned every two days at most to disinfect and remove bacteria present in sweat. Leather and upholstery, on the other hand, can be washed with soap and water once a month.
Occasionally, some equipment will show grease stains, requiring proper cleaning.

Cleaning products

The focus of gym cleaning should be to keep the place clean and free of sweat. With that in mind, use products with oxidizing agents and whitening agents. As for general cleaning, mix a measure of bleach to 10 of water and spray over the surfaces, with the help of a cloth. Finally, products with antibacterial action, in addition to degreasers, will help you to remove residues.
Leave 70% alcohol always available to gym goers. It can be used on devices that are in contact with people’s bodies. It is recommended that alcohol be applied to a paper towel, so as not to proliferate impurities and germs as a cloth would.

Exercise floors and mats

Each floor demands a different practice during cleaning. Rubber and non-slip floors, widely used in gyms, should not be washed with water: use a mixture of water and bleach once a week. Also, be aware of humidity. Use antibacterial products to disinfect floors, which are often heavily exposed to sweat.
Exercise mats need a lot of attention in gym cleaning. Ideally, they should be cleaned with an antibacterial solution or alcohol and a cloth after each use. Also, they should not be put away immediately after cleaning.

Let the mats dry considerably and use a towel to speed up the process. They must be washed at least twice a month with water and neutral detergent.

Health Surveillance

The gym cleaning process is part of the control of the health department, which regularly carries out inspections on hygiene conditions in places that have registration for operations. In these inspections, the structure of the place and the conditions of hygiene and equipment are evaluated.

What to do to avoid contamination?

Even if gym cleaning is done properly, the ideal thing to avoid contamination is to recommend that students wear clothes that protect the body well, such as gym pants, socks – preferably long – and sneakers to protect their feet.

Solution for impeccable gym cleaning

The solution for your gym to always be clean and impeccable is to hire a cleaning company, such as Whitening Multiservices.

We work with the cleaning and conservation of spaces, in order to keep your work environment in the best possible conditions of use. In addition, hiring a cleaning company outsources your concern, that is, you do not have to worry about hiring employees and you are sure that the gym cleaning will be done by specialized professionals. Contact us for more information.