How to avoid dingy flooring in the condominium?

Attention, trustees! The floor of any common area in your condominium can become a constant headache if not well taken care of. As it presents spaces of the great daily movement of people, it is common that the floor needs to be constantly cleaned. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to avoid grimy floors in the common areas of the building. However, there is a solution. Check out some tips to help with this problem in this article by SCS Group Integrated Services!

How important is it to clean dirty floors?

The floor in your building may be clean but not look clean. This situation is very common when we are facing a grimy floor. But, the importance of solving this problem is not only aesthetic.

After all, condominium cleaning is not only for beauty but for hygiene and conservation of the place.

A well-maintained floor is a guarantee that your porcelain, taco, or any other material covering your floor will last for a long time. This will ensure that the finish remains in perfect condition and your replacement doesn’t have to be done too soon.

Who doesn’t admire century-old houses for the attention they draw to their well-kept floors? It is worth remembering that several domestic workers dedicated themselves to this daily, a time that is no longer common today. Therefore, it is recommended to have an outsourced and qualified cleaning team.

How to avoid dingy flooring in different types of flooring?

1- Ceramic or porcelain

The secret of any conservation is in the type of cleaning that is done. To treat the grimy ceramic or porcelain floor, you need to have a mixture of water, bleach, and washing powder. This solution is valid for spaces in general. Now, in humid environments, such as bathrooms and party hall kitchens, for example, it is better to bet on disinfectants and degreasers.

2- Wood

To clean the grimy wooden floor, you cannot use excess water. This material cannot have too much contact with moisture, as it runs the risk of becoming rotten and stained. That is, to avoid grimily, avoid getting wet, and leave it humid as much as possible.

In this case, to remove grime, mix water, and neutral detergent in equal parts. Moisten a soft cloth with the mixture and wipe over the floor. Again, be careful not to get the floor too wet! Finally, leave the place well-ventilated so that drying occurs quickly.

3- Stones

Stone coatings, especially the lighter ones, are more likely to become grimy. To solve this problem, use only water and neutral detergent, never abrasive products. Brush this mixture with a stiff bristle material to remove dirt.

4- Marble

To avoid grimy marble floors, it is important that cleaning products do not use strong or abrasive products! You can use a simple solution. Just mix a spoonful of neutral or coconut detergent in a liter of water. Then wet a cloth, wring it out, and rub it all over the floor. Dry with a very dry cloth.

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