How To Make Hotel Room Clean Impeccable?

Cleaning your hotel rooms can be your business’ business card. Small details can make all the difference, keeping a customer loyal or, on the other hand, creating a negative image, making him not come back.

Hotel cleaning
Perfect purity. Close up of a duster being used by a professional nice chambermaid while cleaning the table

Bearing in mind that the hotel sector has undergone important changes in recent years, with the arrival of new accommodation models and more functional rooms, we know that the dispute is great. Additionally, the customer considers other factors in addition to pricing when making a final choice. The quality of the service and the cleanliness of the room have an influence, not least because they are points that are always highlighted in the evaluation sites.

But how to make the hotel room impeccable?

Just like the quality of furniture and internet, cleanliness helps provide a pleasant experience for guests. It is extremely important that managers and cleaning teams work in alignment, in pursuit of a common goal: to meet customer demand and create a differentiated environment.

It is essential to know all the health regulations, check that the products used in the process comply with current health standards and, of course, know how to handle them.

Discover, below, 10 tips to keep the cleanliness of your hotel rooms impeccable!

Plan how the cleaning will be done

Develop a cleaning plan for each part of the hotel. Determine, for example, whether the bedding should be removed before starting to clean the entire room and what other steps should be taken to streamline the process, save time and ensure efficiency.

The cleaning team should participate in this planning.

Create a welcoming environment for guests

When planning the cleaning , remember that the guest needs to feel at home. Opt for ecological cleaning and use products that cause the least possible risk to health and look for smells that create a sense of welcome. 

Customers may be staying for different reasons, so they should feel welcomed and be in a hotel room with high standards of cleanliness and comfort.

Start cleaning from the bottom

The general procedure for cleaning a hotel room should always start at the back and end at the door. Thus, it prevents dust from going to places that have already been cleaned and avoids work. Always remember that the ideal is to create a maximum time for cleaning each room, therefore, double work must be mitigated as much as possible.

Be careful with your bedding

Sheets and pillowcases should be washed and replaced daily. Heavier items like duvets and blankets can be washed more often, but create a cleaning pattern to maintain hygiene and comfort.

During cleaning , try to use protectors on mattresses and pillows, so that they are not damaged and last longer. They must also be cleaned and sunbathed from time to time.

Bathroom should receive even more attention

Cleaning the bathroom must be carried out with great care and attention . Use multiple cloths to avoid contamination. Never use the toilet cloth in the sink, for example. Change curtains regularly and keep shower walls clean with disinfectant.

Replace garbage bags, toilet paper, towels, shampoos, shower caps and all personal hygiene items daily.

 Pay attention to the details

If in our own home some details go unnoticed, imagine in a large place like a hotel? But that cannot happen, after all, it is the hotel’s image that is at stake.

Guide cleaning professionals not to forget TVs, mirrors, lamps and light bulbs, which must be turned off before being cleaned. Clean lamps contribute to a brighter and brighter environment.

Carpets also need attention. Remove stains, vacuum and clean with specific products for this type of material.  a commercial cleaning company  is also a good way to keep your hotel room clean. This solution eliminates all dirt from the carpet, including recovery of the material, if it is damaged, leaving it as new.

Clean all hotel room furniture

The concern should go beyond the floor and more rigid surfaces, such as wood. Sofas and upholstery need to be vacuumed, removing dust, dirt and other debris.

Open the windows

While cleaning is being carried out, it is recommended that the windows are open. This prevents the smell of chemicals from getting too concentrated in the room and allows the room to be ventilated and get a little sunlight every day.

Leave no traces of cleaning

Your guest needs an extremely clean hotel room, but they don’t need to know how the cleaning is done. Therefore, no leaving traces!

At the end of the process, check that all products and materials (such as cloths and brooms) have been removed from the room. This is very important for your brand’s positive image.

Avoid disturbing guests

Cleaning is a fundamental process in the care of your hotel, but the treatment given to customers must always come first. Thus, the process cannot interfere with guests’ experience and access to different areas of the hotel industry.

If he is passing through one of the places being cleaned, interrupt the process, say hello and wait for him to pass before resuming activities.

Washing clothes and cleaning living spaces can be done overnight. That way, your guest is not disturbed and, upon waking up, will find a clean hotel.

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