Can you change person on a ticket with Spirit Airlines?

There can be a chance when a person mistakenly puts the wrong name on the passenger details while booking a flight with Spirit Airlines. In this situation, the person’s name should be corrected on the flight ticket as per the documents. Otherwise, there will be consequences during the check-in for the flight. So if you would like to know how you can change names on a flight ticket, below the policies and procedure is mentioned.

Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines

Name Change Policy of Spirit Airlines

For a person who needs to change their name on their Spirit Airlines flight, the policies that should be considered before that are listed here:

  • A person can modify the wrong name on the flight ticket instead of changing the whole name per the other person. 
  • The documents or government-approved ID cards should be submitted for the name change. 
  • There are charges for changing names on a Spirit Airlines flight ticket.
  • If you modify the passenger’s name within 24 hours of booking, you will not have to pay the name change charges. 
  • Changing your name legally is also entitled to the change at Spirit Airlines.

Methods to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket

If you are looking for methods of modifying a person’s name on a booked flight with Spirit Airlines, there are two mediums. Below are the methods you can adhere to for changing a name on the ticket.

Through Website

The name correction on your bookings can be made through the Spirit Airlines website. The steps you need to follow are given here:

  • First, reach on the site of Spirit on your browser,
  • Then go to the My Trip page on the site,
  • Either log your account or put booking details manually,
  • Then you will find the itinerary on the page,
  • Look for the “Edit Passenger Details” option,
  • Choose “Change Name” and put the correct name in the column,
  • Then attach the file for verification of the name,
  • Pay the required amount for a name change,
  • And then your Spirit Airlines flight ticket’ name will be updated.

Through Customer Service

You can also avail the assistance for changing your name on your bookings from a person at Spirit Airlines customer service. You need to call the support team and request an executive to assist with the name change. Here are the instructions for connecting with the customer service:

  • Dial the contact number of Spirit: 1-855-728-3555,
  • Choose to connect with their executive,
  • Then after getting a person ask for help on changing their name,
  • The executive will take the details of your bookings,
  • Will ask you to share the ID card number for verification,
  • Pay for the Name Change charge through an online mode,
  • After that, the change of your name on the Spirit Airlines flight will be done.

Hence, if you need to change the person’s name on a flight ticket, the policies mentioned above that you should consider first. After that, you can modify the name online following the needed procedure or can reach out to customer service to speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines to take guidance. With both methods, you can easily make changes to the flight ticket, and it is accessible throughout the day.