Choosing The Right Telehandler Size For Your Job

Choosing The Right Telehandler Size For Your Job

Are you confused about choosing the right size of telehandler to get your job done in the most cost-effective way? Do you search for “New Telehandler For Sale” or “ Telehandler Forklift For Sale” very often on the search engine nowadays? Then, you don’t need to worry anymore as this article will help you to choose the most optimum size of telehandler by considering various factors. But first, let’s learn about the different sizes of telehandlers that are available in the market.

Different Sizes of Telehandlers

Are you looking and finding a big or small telehandler for sale in British Columbia? If yes, then you must know that telehandlers are basically of two types. Both of these types come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. These types are:-

  1. Full-Size Telehandlers: When moving heavy equipment, full-size telehandlers are used. They have a very high reach and can lift heavy materials easily because of their strength. However, they can cause some problems because of their huge size. Moreover, their telescopic cylinder can cause some instability as well.
  1. Compact-Size Telehandlers: These compact-size telehandlers are used in compact places like warehouses where full-size telehandlers can’t be used. They are used to lift light crates and small equipment. Their plus points are their adaptability and movability. However, their lesser reach and load-carrying capacity confine them to doing minor work only.

You can choose the right size of telehandler by:-

  1. Looking at the amount of weight you need to lift: To choose the right telehandler for sale in BC, you should first determine the amount of weight you need to lift. The telehandler load-carrying capacity ranges from 5,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs. So, make sure that your load’s weight is in between this range. 
  1. Making a list of your needs: Then, make a list of your needs that you expect to be fulfilled with the help of a telehandler. Some of those needs can be:-
    1. Ensuring the safety of your equipment.
    2. The telehandler should be stable.
    3. The power source of the telehandler should align with your requirements.
    4. Telehandlers should meet the safety regulations of British Columbia.
  1. Choosing the reach and the height of the lift: You must choose the maximum reach and lift height of the telehandler based on your requirements and the state of your job site. It will help in ensuring the safety at your job site and the smooth functioning of the telehandler. You can look at the load lift chart to know the limits, weight capacity, and maximum height of that particular telehandler. 
  1. Ascertaining the attachments that you require:  It’s very important to make sure the attachments that you will need are as per your and your job’s requirements. You can choose from the following attachments:-
    1. Work platforms
    2. Bucket
    3. Carriage
    4. Carrier fork
    5. Lift hooks
    6. Grapple
    7. Crane jib
    8. Material handling arm
    9. Sweeper
  1. Considering the conditions of the job site: You should consider the dimensions of the job site and the conditions of the ground. You can’t use a full-size telehandler in a commercial city space and a compact-size telehandler on a construction site. That’s why you should choose wisely. Moreover, consider the ground condition of your job site. It’s essential because unstable ground with loose soil can be dangerous for the telehandler and the workers on the job site.
  1. Looking at your budget: At last, consider your budget and choose the telehandler according to your budget. You must also make sure that the size of the telehandler you choose should meet all of your requirements while being cost-effective as well.

To Conclude: If you consider the six points given above and follow them diligently, then you will know what’s the right size of telehandler you need for your job. Just follow the above-listed points, and you will get clear about choosing whether a full-size telehandler or compact-size telehandler for fulfilling your professional requirements.

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