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At the Online Quran Academy, the virtual Quran and Islamic knowledge are taught. For all of our students, we provide great online Quran sessions, including one of the best online Quran schools for children. Students from all around the world who wish to learn Islam and the Quran online can get help from our top Quran tutors. For you, the best Quran courses have been developed, including Quran lessons for children, Quran memorization, Quran translation, Quran with Tajweed, the best Tajweed course, and many others.

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• Online Quran Tutors  
 • Quran for children  
 • Online Quran with Tajweed 
 • Advance Tajweed course  
 • Online Quran memorization  
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 • Namaz and Duas

Our courses normally take less time duration for learning or memorizing. But your time duration is increased or reduced according to the pupil’s internal capability. Our staff is good and well-educated, they know how to handle small children for online literacy. Online Quran Academy is a UK Based Academy, one of the main tasks of Muslim parents is to educate the Holy Quran their children. We give one-to-one online Skype Quran classes with tajweed, you can fluently learn, paraphrase and memorize the Holy Quran with tajweed from our best platform. If you’re an habitant of the UK don’t hesitate to communicate with us for learning Holy Quran. By utilizing the best internet connection to connect with our expert teachers.  

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Address: Shadwell Gardens 101, London E12QJ, United Kingdom