Tips for Finding Affordable CT Scan Prices in the Philippines

CT scan prices can be too expensive for some patients. Not only this, but healthcare in general might not be that affordable for a number of individuals living in the country. For this reason, many people become greatly concerned about affordability.

In the Philippines, CT scans have a wide range of costs. This is because there are factors like where the diagnostic tool came from, which company manufactured it, taxes and many more to be considered. These tools are made in other countries so the import alone is already expensive.

That being said, there are ways to make CT scan services more affordable for a number of people. In this topic, we will be discussing tips on how you can find reasonable prices, while still being provided with up to date quality services.

Research and Compare

There are numerous facilities in the country that offer CT scans for patients; but not all are affordable. So it is important to do research first regarding different facilities and their prices.

One of the best ways to do thorough research is to contact the facilities themselves. Try to request for cost breakdown in full detail. This will save you the hassle of having to go there, then realizing eventually that it is not the right facility for you.

Lastly, once you’ve contacted each facility (via email, call, or chat), you can then proceed to compare each one. Once you’ve gone through with evaluating your choices, you can then choose which facility still offers quality services, while fitting your budget.

Consider Public Facilities

There are many well-known private hospitals in the country, but it should be known that CT scans are not limited to these facilities. There are a number of public or government hospitals that also offer CT scan services.

If you are looking for a cheaper option that still offers the services that you require, researching government hospitals is a good start. There are plenty of public hospitals out there that provide quality services, despite the long waiting time.

Remember, a public hospital will have large numbers of patients lining up and waiting. This is understandable given the low cost that they offer. So to save you the hassle and time, try contacting each public hospital that aligns with your financial capability, then narrow it down to the facility that best fits your needs.

Check Your Insurance

If long lines are something you are not willing to go through for cheaper services, then you can check your insurance instead. Most medical professionals and facilities are covered by your health insurance. Therefore this can help reduce other costs from the services that you might not be able to pay on your own.

So check your health insurance if it covers CT scan services; or up to what extent can it be covered. It’s important to know these things as it can help you plan ahead of time, in case there will be other potential expenses.

Look for Promotions

Now, if you are not familiar with this before, yes hospitals and other medical facilities do offer promotions. This will usually happen during off-peak times. This means that rates will decrease when there is least demand for the services.

Hospitals and other medical facilities have no rest from people who require medical services, yes, but CT scan prices can still go down when there is no demand for it. So if you’re trying to save costs, this will be a good option for you.

Furthermore, these discounts are also offered in private clinics or hospitals, so you can be ensured that the quality of the facility is up to date. Discounted prices, paired with a good facility that fits your standards are always a good deal.

Inquire About Payment Plans

Inquire facilities regarding payment plan options. Though not every medical facility in the country offers this plan, you can still research it, and contact the ones that do. 

It’s understandable that not everyone can pay the full amount right away, and these medical facilities are aware of this. That’s why some clinics and hospitals assist patients by providing payment options that will be budget-friendly.

So once you’ve narrowed down your choices, ask which hospitals or clinics offer payment plans for CT scan services. This way, you may benefit from the services provided, while paying in installments or other payment plan options.

Key Takeaway

If you want to find affordable CT scan prices in the country, you have to research thoroughly. Contacting each facility will save you the hassle of time and travel, and will give you full detail of services and prices that they offer. 

Furthermore, once you’ve contacted medical facilities, you can evaluate information you’ve gathered and compare each one. Also, though waiting time might take longer, you can opt for public facilities that offer quality services.

Lastly, other budget-friendly options would be to check your insurance, look for promotions, and inquire about payment plans. Affordable healthcare services are accessible, you just know how and where to look. 

By following these tips, you will surely find the facility that offers the best CT scan services for your budget.