Storage Clean Out Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

The tidbits scattered around your house indeed make it home, say the old bike of your son who is off to college, the clothes that you have in your closet that you hope to wear one day, or the small things that you have saved in your kitchen for the years, like chopsticks, old menus, disposables, etc.

While these make the house a home, these pieces also increase the clutter over the years, and there comes a time when you don’t have any space left in your home. You stuff them in your garage, basement, or attic, where they do nothing but revel in dust and make friends with mites and insects. 

If you can relate to this example, you need a mass decluttering session. It’s not about disconnecting yourself from the sentiments associated with the objects and waste but about the practicalities and making room for new stuff and memories.

This blog is all about the storage clean out tips for a clutter-free home. 

If you find it hard, you can take the help of storage clean-out experts in San Diego

Storage Clean Out Tips for A Clutter-Free Home

Check out these ideas and start the journey towards a warm, spacious, and inviting home.

Set Goals

A storage clean-out might seem simple, but when you enter the storage space, each item reminds you of a memory or an incident from a horror movie.

Jokes apart, the first question to ask is what you want to achieve. Do you want to clear out space by improving organization, or do you want to throw out the waste? Having an objective helps in deciding the next course of action.

Create a System

The items should be sorted into three categories: keep, donate/sell, or discard.

You know how to sort the items in these categories.

You can use the golden one-year rule, which states that if you haven’t used an item in six months or one year, it should be discarded.

Start Small

Start with small areas, such as an old closet in the storage that has lots of stuff. It will keep you motivated when you look around and see that you have cleared out a considerable space. Move on to larger stuff gradually and contact an expert for storage clean out in San Diego to help you get rid of the larger stuff that you are finally ready to let go of.

Use Proper Storage Solutions

The worst thing about storing stuff in storage areas is that they need to be more organized. The stuff is thrown inside, and it lies haphazardly, taking up precious space. 

Invest in storage solutions and organize the storage area. You can use cardboard boxes, clear plastic bins, and shelves to organize storage.

Sort Documents 

When you find an important piece of paper and don’t know how useful it is, you often keep it. It adds to the paper clutter around the house. 

The best way to minimize this clutter is to digitize the documents. Keep only essential hard copies and organize them in labeled folders or a filing cabinet.

Decide a Time to Declutter

Decluttering is not a one-time task to be performed when the clutter is so much that the mere thought of cleaning it out exhausts you. 

Cleaning and organizing your storage space is a continuous process at regular intervals. You can schedule a day or time, monthly or quarterly, to clean out storage. This will save you precious time sorting through the mess of years.

Involve Family

One person in the household need not be overwhelmed by the task. Involve family members and assign them tasks. Also, if you come across a piece and are confused about whether to keep, sell, or throw it, you can ask others for their opinion. It is not a great way to spend time with family, but it will make the process much quicker and effortless. 

Seek Professional Help

It’s your house, your clutter, and your decision to clean it out, but accepting professional help will be useful. You can save the time of hauling the waste to the landfill, contacting the NGOs to donate the stuff, or selling it because the experts of storage clean out in San Diego can help you.

Final Words

It is often said that when you clean your surroundings and sort the stuff, you also sort your thoughts, giving you time to think. Though, why let your house get cluttered in the first place?  You can maintain spacious storage areas by adopting an effective sorting system and scheduling regular decluttering. 

Check out the blog again and follow the golden rules shared above. Declutter your home and make more space with storage clean out experts in San Diego.