Revealing the Realm of Film Production Services in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a cinematic oasis in the heart of the desert, attracting Film Production Companies in Dubai from around the world.  With stunning landscapes, world-class infrastructure and a booming film industry, the UAE offers a range of globally recognized film production services.  In this article, we delve into the exciting world of film production services in the UAE.

A global film production hub

The UAE’s strategic location and unique blend of modern and traditional elements make it an ideal destination for filmmakers seeking diverse and exotic settings. Here are some important aspects of film production services in UAE.

Diverse Places:

The Vfx Companies in Dubai  boasts an eclectic mix of cities and nature.  From Dubai’s futuristic skyline to pristine desert dunes, historic forts and lush oases, the country is rich in filming locations for a wide range of film genres.

Production Support:

Film Production Companies in Dubai include a wide range of logistical and administrative support, including obtaining permits, visas, and permits for international staff and equipment.  Production By Nomad in Abu Dhabi offers state-of-the-art facilities for film production, post-production, pre-production and even animation.

Local expertise:

The UAE’s film industry is supported by a growing pool of local talent, including directors, cinematographers and technical staff.  The blend of local knowledge and international experience gives the work a unique flavor.

incentives and investments

To further promote the growth of the film industry, the UAE has implemented several incentives and investments.

Financial incentives:

The UAE offers financial incentives to attract international Production Company in Dubai.  This includes rebates on production costs and co-production opportunities with local businesses.

Dubai Film and Television Commission:

Dubai Film and Television Commission provides invaluable assistance in securing permits, scouting locations, and connecting with local resources.

Film Festivals and Promotions:

The UAE hosts famous film festivals such as the Dubai Film Production Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.  These events not only promote local talent but also serve as a platform for international networking.

Global blockbusters and local productions

The UAE has been the setting for a variety of international blockbusters, including the Fast and Furious series, Star Trek: Beyond and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. These films not only showcased the breathtaking landscapes of the UAE;  but also provided opportunities for local talent and companies to collaborate with Hollywood.

In addition to hosting international productions, the UAE is also fostering a domestic film industry.  Local filmmakers are gaining international recognition for their thought-provoking works that reflect the UAE’s cultural diversity and modernity.

The future of UAE film production services

The UAE’s film industry is poised for continued growth.  The country’s commitment to nurturing talent, expanding infrastructure and providing an environment conducive to international collaboration attracts filmmakers from around the world.

As the UAE continues to make its mark on the film world, its film production services will be crucial in creating stunning visual experiences that captivate audiences around the world and highlight the region’s rich culture and diversity. There is no doubt that it will play a role.  Our strategic location, financial incentives and passion for storytelling will ensure that the UAE’s film journey unfolds in a more thrilling and engaging way than ever before.


Does the UAE have a film industry?

The UAE has an established film production infrastructure.  Film studios, sound stages and other facilities are located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

How many movie theater screens are there in the UAE?

In 2020, there were a total of 65 movie theaters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Of these, 26 cinemas were located in the emirate of Dubai.  Abu Dhabi ranked second with a total of 21 cinemas across the emirate.

Do I need a visa to shoot in Dubai?

Individuals, corporations and organizations wishing to film in Dubai must appoint a UAE-licensed production company to obtain a filming permit. For Production Company Dubai based in the UAE, please see the Permit Applications section.  Permits are required for filming in government-run or private locations.

Is it legal to film in Dubai?

Dubai Film Company Commission is the government agency that issues filming permits.  Therefore, if you want to film in Dubai, you will need to apply for a filming permit from Dubai before starting production.  You can apply for a photography permit by filling out an online application form.

Is there money to make movies?

Although filmmaking can be a lucrative profession, it’s important to understand that financial success for filmmakers varies widely.  While some filmmakers are able to earn a large income and live a comfortable life, others may find it difficult to make a sustainable living from filmmaking alone.


In conclusion, the United Arab Emirates has established itself as a vibrant hub for global Film Production Companies in Dubai, offering a blend of modern infrastructure and diverse landscapes that attracts filmmakers from around the world. I am.  Film production services in this country not only offer great locations, but also comprehensive support in obtaining permits, visas, and permits.  With local talent complemented by international expertise, the UAE’s film industry is poised for continued growth.