1 Sugar-Free Viral Brazilian Lemonade Recipe

Brazilian Water Recipe

The Brazilian Lemonade Recipe is a refreshingly sweet and sugar-free drink. If you’re not familiar with this recipe, you can find a Brazilian lemonade recipe in this article . It’s really not lemonade in any way. Actually, there are only zero citruses present in this Brazilian water recipe because it’s only made by using limes.

Despite this slight variation, this refreshing drink is fast becoming one of your most-loved keto snacks. It’s extremely refreshing, with the flavor of a drink that’s both sweet and lightweight.

Genesis of the word Lemonade

It may be because the Portuguese words for lemon and lime are very similar, and it is just a matter of defaulting to lemonade ( is to make something that is not great into something good). Limao (lime) is changed to the phrase limonada (the drink), which is translated into lemonade.

You can make this delicious summer drink in a unique way, using whole limes, sweetened condensed milk, plenty of water and Ice. This drink has a distinct and delicious creamy flavor. Sugar-free condensed milk is perfect for keto versions.

How to make Sugar-Free Brazilian Lemonade?

This is possibly one of the easiest drinks to make throughout summer. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

1. Use whole Limes:

  • There is no hard squeezing required. Simply mix slices of lime with the liquids and an extra sweetener, then strain it. It’s really easy.
  • Be assured that the whole limes will not turn the lemonade bitter. The trick which you need to know is keeping the mixing extremely short. 
  • Less than 30 seconds is the best. This process basically fills drinks by adding lime flavors.

2. Keto Condensed Milk:

  • Preparing an entire batch of keto condensed milk ahead of time is necessary, and it is very simple to do. 
  • You can also prepare the milk in advance and keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of days before making up the Brazilian lemonade.

3. Sweeten to Taste:

  • Condensed milk that you make at home isn’t much sweeter than the standard version, which is why you should include more sugar in the mixture. 
  • Just a 1/3 cup of Swerve powder is enough. However, it is possible to adjust this to your taste.

4. Strain out the Solids:

  • You don’t want bits of lime flopping around in your lemonade. Therefore, grab a filter and place it on top of the serving pitcher.
  • Pour the mixture into the strainer. Add the rest of the water and a lot of ice, and you’re done.

Make it Fresh

One of the things you learn from trying out a sugar-free Brazilian lemonade recipe is that it’s perfectly freshly made. On the first day, it’s sweet and delicious. However, the lime gets somewhat bitter after it sits in the refrigerator for more than two days.

If you’re thinking of making this recipe for yourself or just you and your significant other, simply make a half-recipe. It’s so simple to prepare that you don’t need to make a large batch. Condensed milk can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator for up to one week, which means you can make it at any moment.

How to make it Dairy Free?

Make keto condensed milk by mixing coconut cream and then take out some butter towards the mixture and add it to your drinks.


  1. Four medium limes
  2. 1/2 cup sugar-free condensed milk
  3. One third cups of powdered Sweetener Swerve
  4. 4 cups of water divided


  1. If you’re making this recipe in the traditional way, you’ll need a high-powered blender, but a regular blender will be sufficient. Start by cutting the limes. Traditional methods are to cut the limes into half and then divide each half into quarters, yielding eight pieces of lime. Be sure to have large and juicy limes. If you want to make this lemonade using a modern method, it is also explained in this article.
  2. Incorporate your lime juice or limes into the blender, add the sweetened condensed coconut milk, and then add cold water.
  3. Blend until the milk has been mixed in, and it starts to become foamy, which is good. If you prefer the traditional method, blend at moderate speed until you have the consistency of a rough pulp. You don’t want to mix it until it’s smooth.
  4. Sort the pulp using cheese cloths or filters made of mesh.
  5. Pour the mixture into a pitcher, topped with the ice as well as more lime pieces.
  6. Serve with a wedge of lime and ice to garnish. If you’re using a modern method, drink it within three days. If you prefer the traditional method of drinking, drink it up the next day, as it gets more bitter. Great with burritos, tacos, and many more.

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  • Four large, juicy limes
  • 1-11.6 ounce (or approximately) condensed coconut milk
  • 5 cups of cold water
  • Ice (Optional)
  • Additional limes for garnish

Traditional Method:

  • Begin cleaning your limes. Then, cut each lime in half and then split the half into quarters. You should get eight pieces of lime. Put the lime chunks in an efficient blender.
  • Add your sweetened coconut milk condensed in the blender.
  • Finally, add the cold water.
  • Blend on low, slowly, then rise to medium speed. Blend until limes are in a rough pulp. Do not blend until smooth.
  • With a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer, remove the pulp.
  • Pour into a pitcher of ice. Add lime wedges for garnish.
  • If this method is followed, the lime must be consumed that day. However, the lime will turn bitter the following day because it was mixed with the whole lime.

Modern Method (less bitter and lasts longer)

  • Begin by cleaning your limes. Cut each lime into half, then squeeze them. The juice should be added to your blender.
  • Then add the Condensed sweetened coconut milk to your blender. You will need to blend this method since the milk will not completely blend in if it doesn’t.
  • Then, add cold water.
  • Blend at medium speed until there aren’t any chunks of sugar-sweetened condensed, and it becomes something fluffy.
  • Pour the mixture into a pitcher of ice. Add lime wedges for garnish.
  • Please drink it within three days, or even less, to get the perfect taste.


This sugar-free Brazilian lemonade is a delicious and refreshing way to beat the heat, while still staying keto-friendly. It’s quick and easy to make, and with just a few simple adjustments, you can adjust it to your taste preferences and dietary needs. Whether you prefer the traditional method with a bit more lime punch or the modern method for a less bitter and longer-lasting drink, this recipe is sure to become a prominent summer drink.